Chef Jake Hopkins – creator of the Goji Bar, Organic Food Bar

Our very dear friend Chef Jacob Hopkins has been delighting taste buds for years.

Purchase Chef Jake’s Earthling Organics organic food bars and breakfast cereal.

Chef Jake began to perfect his talents for uncooked cuisine in the year 2000 at Juliano’s Organica of San Francisco with, now Santa Monica based, world renown Chef Juliano. Jake then went on to study with New York City based Dr. David Jubb, Ph.D learning about blood formation, cell regeneration, digestion and the “Secrets of an Alkaline Body.”

Jake’s Unbaked began to take hold after Jake produced a recipe which he called the “Goji Bar.” The Goji Bar idea struck him when he returned to his car one hot summer’s day to find his goji berries had warmed up and were sticking to some nuts. He tested his “Goji Bar” recipe on friends and was promptly encouraged to keep on making them… a whole new health bar was born.

Jake gave a bar to David Wolfe who said, “Make as many of these as you can!”, and so began Jake’s Unbaked, grown from a desire and passion for the finest, most nutritious foods that nature brings.

Jake was the first Raw/Live food chef to appear on the Food Network (see TV clip below) – when Randy Olsen put Jake on a show with himself & Giada De Laurentiis…

Jacob has worked with many celebrities and health seekers alike, developing a well-known and trusted reputation as a leader in the world of Raw/Live foods. Jake is a sweet spirit and we just love him!

Zebra Organics is proud to make available to you Chef Jake’s organic food bars; Goji Bars, Rawnola Bars, Yogi Bars, Matcha Bars, and the new Rawnola Breakfast Cereal… to learn more or purchase these organic, healthy bars or cereal visit the Zebra Organics store!

  • I just had one of these raw bars for the first time and I am seriously in love!! 🙂 I wish they were sold in NJ!!

  • Hey Lauren… you can have 'em shipped right to you door by going to…
    Click the Goji Bar banner at the bottom of the page… takes you too all of Chef Jake's products… the ship fast.

  • I am a nutritionist and am always looking for low sugar hypo-allergenic snacks for myself and my clients. These bars are soooooo good I cannot believe it! Please don't go away like all the other great products I find 🙂 Thanks for making such an awesome product!

  • Thank you for your comment and well wishes Tanya. We're still here and going strong. Remind us, in the comments box at checkout, on your next order and we'll send you three extra free bars. Do you like the Rawnola Cereal or Bars the best?

    Randy –