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Raw Incan Lucuma Powder by ELF, 16 oz

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Raw Incan Lucuma Powder by ELF, 16 oz


Essential Living Food's Lucuma Powder comes to you direct from the source- a pristine, Certified Organic farm just south of Lima, Peru.

Fresh lucuma fruits are harvested during peak season, then dried between 104 and 122F. Harvesting and processing the lucuma at the source benefits the local ecology and economy by creating jobs and promoting sustainable.

Lucuma (pronounced Loo-Koo-Mah) was revered by the ancient Inca and continues to be grown in pristine regions of South America today. With it's marvelous maple-like flavor, lucuma is the ultimate addition to desserts, smoothies and ice cream.

Beyond it's great taste, our certified organic lucuma powder is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals including beta-carotene, niacin, and iron. Packed with complex-carbohydrates, minerals and fiber, lucuma is a great way to add low-glycemic flavor and healthy sweetness to smoothies and superfood treats.


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