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Bee Products

Yum! Organic raw honey from a reliable source! Thanks to its extraordinary properties and irresistible taste, raw honey has so many enthusiasts. In our shop, you will buy fresh honey - unfiltered and raw so you can use its benefits to the full. You can also find here other bee products, such as bee pollen, propolis, or honey dippers. Ready to find your favorite bee product?

Have you ever wondered how raw honey is different than a regular one? To put it in the simplest words, raw honey is just the same as it exists in the beehive. The regular honey, on the other hand, is pasteurized and filtered before being bottled. During these processes, the yeast found in the honey is removed, as well as pollen, some enzymes, and antioxidants. It makes the honey more smooth and more visually appealing to the customers. Unfortunatelly, it also removes a huge amount of beneficial ingredients and turns honey into a sweet liquid with little nutritional values. 

There is no doubt that raw unfiltered honey it a better choice. During its six weeks long lifespan, a bee produces approximately a quarter of a teaspoon of raw honey. Imagine how many bees need to work to produce for you a jar full of delicious, golden honey! There is a solid reason we call honey the nectar of the gods!

Where to buy raw honey? Many people admit it is hard to buy local raw honey from a reliable source. This is why we offer you raw honey with a 100% guarantee of its organic values. On Zebra Organics, you will find the best quality Organic Brazilian Rainforest Raw Honey, Organic White Himalayan Raw Honey, Canadian Gold Honey, or Mesquite Honey, with a rich multi-floral taste.

Bee pollen is the next thing you can get a lot of benefits from. It works as an antioxidant, boosts liver health, speeds up healing processes, and strengthens the immune system. Does it sound like something you need? We've got you covered! We also prepared for you the best dietary supplements, such as Propolis Complex and UltraPollen in caps.