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Add coconut products to your diet! Whether you look for unrefined coconut oil, organic coconut water or virgin coconut sugar, we've got you covered. See what we have prepared for you.

Choosing a coconut oil can be confusing. It is often described with many words: virgin, unflavored, refined, unrefined, raw, cold-pressed, expeller-pressed, centrifuged, pure coconut oil. Many people end up believing that all of these descriptions mean the same. However, it is not necessarily true. To find which coconut oil is the best, we need to understand the manufacturing process that is used. The less processing your coconut oil undergoes, the more nutrition it retains.

The most important rule of raw foods is that they have to be unprocessed and uncooked in order to maintain the maximum nutritional value and all the benefits they bring to the body. During the extraction process of the oil from the coconut, the temperature cannot go above 45C / 113F. If it is not, the oil cannot be classified as raw anymore. Next, the oil is filtered to remove any sediment and as a result, we receive clear organic raw coconut oil.

Coconut oil gained its popularity thanks to its versatility. We use it to cook, bake, we add it raw to our meals, shakes, soups, and we use it as a skincare or haircare product. How to use coconut oil in your kitchen? It is pretty simple! You can use coconut oil as a spread for your bread or crackers as a vegan and lactose-free substitute for traditional butter. Try adding a spoon of coconut oil to your green smoothies and juices to make them smooth and creamy. If you are a sweet-tooth, you can also add it to your raw brownies, rawnola breakfasts, or granola bars!

In our shop, you will get the best quality organic virgin raw coconut oil. We also offer other products derived from coconuts, such as high-performance coconut collagen colostrum protein powder, Blue Ice infused coconut oil, madras coconut curry, organic coconut sugar or delicious coconut water. There is nothing better than fresh coconut water to quench your thirst during a hot, sunny day!