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26 Ways to Love Your Liver Part Two
Part two in our two part series of Loving your liver. This is a play on Paul Simon's 50 ways to Leave Your Lover. But I had to shorten it as to not be redundant.

14.) Make sure you get enough sulfur based amino acids such as methionine and cysteine as the liver uses these to make potent

anti-oxidant compounds.

15.) Castor Oil packs to cleanse the liver

16.) Drink herb root teas such as Dandelion and or Burdock

17.) Eat more Artichoke - artichokes are a traditional liver support food

18.) Tumeric - include more Tumeric in your diet a known liver support food. Or use Tumeric based liver support products such as Liver Nano Detox by Premier Research Labs.

19.) Lemon Water - This acts a to gently detoxify the liver

20.) Garlic and Onions - both these foods are high in sulfur compounds which the liver loves.

21.) Eat more Beets they are rich in Betatine which supports optimal liver function.

22.) Cut down on deep fried and fatty foods. These foods are heavy on the liver.

23.) Drink Green Tea and Use Green Tea Supplements such as Green Tea Nano Detox a potent probiotic based nano liquid.

24.) Try the potent antioxidant Alpha Lipioc Acid which helps the body recycle other anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C and E. As well as promoting the synthesis of Glutahione

25.) Use Liver Detox Supplements each spring to support liver health.

26.) Eat Organic fruits and vegetables- as they don't have the harmful pesticides which can damage the liver.

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