Black Cherry Concentrate

As you know I am a fan of dark pigment foods simply because they contain tons of anti oxidants. And we don’t always need to go for the exotic foreign land foods when we have our own Black Cherry.

Our Black Cherry Concentrate from Premier Research Labs also tastes amazing. You have only dreamed of cherries tasting so quintessentially cherry like. Cherries are the signal that the summer stone fruit season has arrived, they herald the arrival more luscious fruits to come and they only last for a little while. Cherries have a short season but Premier Research Labs has managed to captured all the freshness and deliciousness of cherries at their peak to keep you happy no matter what season it is.

Cherries and Gout
Historically cherries have been used as a folk remedy for gout, with a deep history dating back hundreds of years. Gout is a painful inflammatory condition caused by the build up of uric acid in the joints. Cherry juice is a popular remedy for this because it can help to clear uric acid from the system.* Cherry juice also contains Anthocyanins and if you follow this blog you will know that these are anti-oxidant pigment compounds found in fruits. These compounds also have anti-inflammatory properties, those helping with minor inflammation.  

Other Benefits of Cherry Juice include a gentle ability to cleanse the kidneys and liver.  As well as the bioflavoniod Quercitin, this compounds has been known to aid people suffering with allergies.*

Black Cherry Concentrate from Premier Research Labs is also extremely easy and fun to use, simply add one tablespoon to water and stir. Viola!

*These statements are not intended to diganose, treat or cure any disease.