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Coping with the Holidays Part 1 - Alcohol

Coping with the Holidays Part 1

The holidays are upon us, and chances are some of you will choose to indulge this season. In this series Coping with the Holidays we will look at 3 areas, alcohol, sugar and overeating. The goal of these posts is to offer you tips and tools to support you to stay healthy if and when you do indulge. The holidays are typically times when even the most healthy among us indulges a little. First and foremost I suggest letting go of guilt and judgement around any indiscretions this holiday season. You may be at a party or event which serves alcohol, you may be inclined to drink, you may drink too much, you may be wondering what can I do to support my health at these times? First, not over consuming would be a wise aim but any amount of alcohol will have a detrimental effect on your body. First and foremost, make sure you are well-hydrated prior to drinking and do your best to hydrate with water during and after alcohol consumption; including the following day.

If you often feel hungover the day after consuming, there’s a good chance you have a sluggish liver and digestive tract imbalances. The best way to overcome this overcome is by taking a probiotic before going to sleep. If your tolerance is especially low, taking probiotics before and during consumption may provide the needed the support for functioning well the following day.

Alcohol damages the gut lining, which usually takes about two weeks to heal. This can cause altered immune function leading to food sensitivities, microbial imbalances, autoimmune flare-ups and more. In order to help heal the lining, slippery elm and/or marshmallow tea twice a day for two weeks following alcohol consumption should help. If you want to go “all out”, drink one cup to one quart of extremely high quality chicken or beef broth daily for one to two weeks. A simpler option would be to consume a tablespoon or more of high quality powdered gelatin in water (again for about two weeks).

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Liver health is important to keep in mind when consuming alcohol. Liver enzymes are responsible for metabolizing alcohol and they do this at the rate of roughly 1 drink per hour. If you consume more than 1 drink per hour you will be adding stress on the liver. To support the liver consider using liver supporting herbs. Premier Research Labs Liver Nano Detox is a supportive detox formula made with nanized, medicinal quality, Indian Turmeric. Their herbal processing method is a breakthrough in achieving unparalleled bioavailability in liquid form. They use a blend of probiotics to breakdown the herb into a highly bio-available form for rapid uptake and utilization.

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