Rawnola ® Cereal

Purchase both the original Vanilla Bean Rawnola Cereal® and the newer Cacao Rawnola Cereal®.  Healthy, Tasty Food – Gluten Free • Raw • VeganAll Earthling Organics ® products are and low glycemic, as well as grain, gluten and GMO free and the same goes for the facility.

Fluffy Golden Nuggets kissed by the sun. This Original Almond Vanilla Bean recipe is a great way to start your day the lively way, from Earthling Organics. Nestled amongst fresh berries and drizzled with nut milk for a breakfast of bliss, or nibbled straight from the bag, this unbaked Granola satisfies the crunchy munchies alive-style.

Looking for an alternative to starchy grains riddled with fungus and mold, hydrogenated oils, and insulin producing sugars all cooked at high temperatures? If so, our unbaked, nut and seed based Rawnola ® is sure to tantalize your taste-buds. Made of soaked Almonds and Pumpkin seeds and sweetened with raw Agave Nectar, Rawnola® is naturally gluten free and low glycemic!

If you like our original almond-vanilla Rawnola Breakfast Cereal you want to experience the full health benefits of chocolate in this delectable Heirloom Cacao Rawnola ® Breakfast Cereal.

This Arriba Criollo Variety of Heirloom Cacao is nature’s truest expression of chocolate. Grown indigenous to Cacao’s true origin at small scale farms in remote mountainous regions of Ecuador, our cacao beans are hand cultivated and harvested like they have been for centuries past. Raw cacao beans are sun dried to retain the full integrity and bioavailability of the mineral and nutritional profile absent from typical roasted cacao.