Seaweed for Health

At Zebra Organics we stock a variety of healthy foods and a favorite of ours is seaweed. These vegetables of the sea contain a wide range of nutrients not found as easily in land vegetables. The are fun to eat and add variety and nutrition to the diet.


Seaweed is a common food in Japanese cuisine, one the most popular varieties being Nori.  One of the great benefits to consuming nori is that it contains an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega 3 fats nourish the skin as well as the brain and modulate cholesterol levels and inflammatory compounds the body produces. And, it is high in vitamin C, proteins and mineral salts.

Kelp and kombu are both members of the same plant family, with kelp often being referred to as “wild atlantic kombu”. The main benefit of these sea vegetables is their rich content of minerals particularly iodine. They are both a natural source of this essential thyroid metabolism regulating mineral.  This is the sea vegetable which is rich in the anti oxidant compound fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin assists the body with fat metabolism, thus it may aid with weight loss.

One of my personal favorites of the sea vegetable varieties is Dulse. Like nori, dulse can be eaten straight out of the package making a quick healthy snack.  It is exceptionally tasty and contains many of the same benefits as other seaweeds: rich in minerals, protein dense, good source of iodine, healing and cleansing aliginate compounds.  Its deep red color and soft texture make it a great addition to soups and salads.

Additional benefits of consuming sea vegetables is their ability to bind to heavy metals and radio active particles and safely help your body remove them.   It is safe to say that nearly everyone can benefit from adding these miracles of the sea to their diet.  To make that easier for our customers we are running a sale on all Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, now is a good time to stock up and save.