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Holy Mate

Eco Teas organic & fair trade tea brings us a holy alliance of two celebrated herbs from different wisdom traditions. It is the marriage of Holy Basil of India and Yerba Mate of South America. Each herb in their respective countries is highly valued and widely used as an everyday health beverage. Eco Teas has been importing some of the finest Yerba Mate this side of the equator since the year 2000.

Yerba Mate is a widely consumed herbal beverage that naturally contains vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and the stimulant caffeine. Because the caffeine is part of a vitamin and mineral complex, the stimulating effects are balanced and easier on the body than say coffee. Many tribes throughout South America have drank mate for thousands of years, this beverage is common in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay as well as Chile. The South American gauchos, cowboys refer to it as a liquid vegetable. With its deep green color and abundance of chlorophyll and nutrients it is somewhat akin to drinking a vegetable.

And, Holy Basil comes to us from a deep long ancient tradition, it hails form the annals of Ayurveda the 5,000 year old medical science of India. The practice of Ayurveda is the oldest continuous coded medical system in existence and among the Vedas, Holy Basil ranks supreme. It is such a special and revered herb that the three varieties have the distinction of being named after the three major Hindu gods, Krishna basil, Rama basil and Vishnu basil. The Vedas believed that the consumption of Holy Basil prepared the mind for enlightenment. A high statement but after 5,000 years they must of had significant trial and error and I agree their conclusions are darn near correct. Holy Basil has a high distinct and modern science is beginning to uncover some of the magic of this plant.

A main action of this plant is its ability to regulate the stress hormone cortisol. There are special chemical compounds in Holy Basil which do this. Reduced cortisol levels in the blood leads to greater calm in the body. It is safe to say a lot of people have elevated stress hormones, these elevated hormone levels lead to imbalances in blood sugar, sleep and digestion. Holy Basil also has natural anti-inflammatory compounds helping to smooth the body and aid in all manor of bodily functions that are affected by inflammation. Combining these health benefits with the nutrition of Yerba Mate results in a tasty mildly stimulating beverage that aids focus, concentration and clarity. Try a cup of Holy Mate and feel the calm energy as it takes you through your day with the wisdom of South America and Vedic herbal tradition.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D'Aquila, flower essence practitioner,

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A Healthy 2012

Add More Greens to Your Diet
It is the new year a time when many people resolve to get healthy and make changes to their diet. We fully support the positive changes people wish to make; especially when it comes to cleaning up their diet and exercising more. Because lets face it without these two factors supplements, pills and powders just aren't going to give you the results you are looking for.
Along with a healthy diet and exercise certain supplements and herbs can give you the extra nudge with achieving your health and fitness goals. One really simple thing you can do that will make significant changes over the long term is to add more plants to your diet. Specifically add more leafy green plants to your diet. Do this everyday for a year and you will see and feel the changes it makes in your life. Try spinach, kale, broccoli, brussle sprouts, collards, lettuce and fresh green herbs like parsley and cilantro. After doing this if you still want support go for it. Below is a list of a few key supplements that will support your health and fitness goals.

Yerba Mate
This hardy South American wonder tea has been used for centuries to help control hunger and nourish the body. On top of that it also boost metabolism helping the body to burn fat. Yerba mate is a well known appetite suppressant and it is also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Yerba mate has been used as a tea by natives of South America for centuries, where it is still widely consumed and sometimes referred to as a liquid vegetable. So if you need an extra boost in the morning skip the coffee and go for Yerba Mate. It will not only give you the boost of coffee but the nutrition of vegetables. It is available in loose for or in tea bags.

Vitamineral Green
This powerhouse supplement contains more nutrient dense foods than you can shake a stick at. Over the years green supplement powders have become popular because they are highly nutritious, low in calories, regulate blood sugar and they are convenient and easy to use. Simply mix Vitamineral Green into water or juice and you've transformed it into a wonder health drink.

Salad Booster
Give a boost to your salads with Living Intentions "Salad Booster" a smart product containing a variety of raw and sprouted nuts, seeds and nutrient dense superfoods. This product is a tasty way to increase nutrient intake with just a few shakes. Salad booster is easy to use, portable and tastes good, besides the sprouted nuts and seeds it also contains spirulina and chlorella.

Hemp Seeds
Nutty and delicious, Hemp seeds add protein, healthy fats and vitamin E to your diet, they are fun to eat and easy to incorporate. Simply sprinkle them onto salads, grain dishes or add to a smoothie. Hemp Seeds are a good source of digestible protein. They are 33% protein by weight and contain all 8 essential amino acids. They are also a great source of vegetable based omega 3 fatty acids.

Superfood Smoothie Mix
With eight potent, organic superfood ingredients, this is one of the most powerful sources of nutrition available! It’s incredibly rich in complete protein, cell-protecting antioxidants, heart-healthy omega 3s, cholesterol-balancing phytosterols, and an array of immunity-supporting bioflavonoids, minerals and natural vitamins. Superfood Smoothie Mix contains hemp, maca, acai, mesquite, lucuma and goji berry extract.
Health is not a complicated formula, all it requires is some simple changes to diet, activity levels and managing stress in a balance way. Add to this a few key supplements because they offer concentrated nutrition thus boosting vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant intake without much effort. We are here to support you by offering you a selection of hand picked top quality products and valuable information.

All the Best and Happy New Year to you and yours!

From the Zebra Organics team

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The Super Duper Importance of the Super Berry Goji Berry

Its simple we could all benefit from eating goji berries. Goji berries are truly an amazing food, they contain a full spectrum of amino acids, are loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and they are tasty. Imagine, a food so healthy for you that actually tastes good! And they are an amazing color red. Can you think of any other food in the health food world that is anything like the goji berry?

There are tons of vitamin and mineral packed foods out there but are they as snackable? Are you really going to snack on spirulina? No. This is not to put spirulina down but to show how versatile the goji berry is, how it can bridge the health food gap because it tastes good.

Ok but what do they actually do and how should I use them . . . ?

The unique nutritional content of goji berries is supportive to the immune system. The nutritional content of the goji berry includes the following:
  • 18 amino acids
  • a huge spectrum of caroteniods
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • polysaccarides that support the production of HGH (human growth hormone)
Poly (multi) saccaride (sugar), polysaccarides are multi-chained sugars, they occur in wide spectrum and are common in many plants. The variety found in goji berries are of great benefit to helping the body to regulate cholesterol, support the immune system, endocrine system, reproductive system and to nourish the blood.

Their Role in Chinese Medicine
Goji berries are one of the topic medicinal herbs in all of Chinese medicine. This says alot because Chinese medicine contains hundreds of herbs and is roughly 4000 years old (give or take). According to Chinese medicine goji berries nurture our Yin aspect. As such they help to moisten the body and help the body to produce fluids. This is why they are good for the reproductive system.

How to use them?
There are a variety ways of to use the berry, you can:
  • snack on them
  • add them to smoothies
  • add them to trail mixes
  • last but not least make a tea with them
Goji berries as a tea is one of the most common and traditional ways to use them. It is simple, effective and makes a very good tasting tea. Add a small handful to a cup of water, bring to boil, them let simmer for 15 minutes. Cool, strain and drink. You can use goji berry tea as a base for other teas; it makes a great base for green tea, yerba mate and rooibos.

And, if you have not tried Goji Berry bars yet consider adding one or five of them to your next order, you will not be disappointed. They are crunchy, a bit chewy, sweet and satisfying. In China they say that a handful of goji berries in the morning will keep you smiling all day. In my experience this is true, eat more goji berries and notice how your mood shifts. Try it for your self.

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