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5 Days till Christmas – Diabetic Friendly Chocolate

Sacred Heart Chocolate

Introducing another special Heart Shaped Chocolate from folks at Sacred Chocolate. Sacred Chocolate is perhaps our favorite raw chocolate company. Their products are consistently top notch. The flavor profile of each bar is complex, the texture smooth and inviting and the bar is shaped like a heart!

Sacred Chocolate’s SUN SWEET is a raw, organic and vegan chocolate
designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues
such as diabetes or yeast issues such as candida.  It is a simple dark
chocolate which uses INULIN from Jerusalem Artichoke as a sweetener.

INULIN is a long chain polysaccharide that has little to no effect on blood sugar (registers a very low value on the GLYCEMIC INDEX)
and is considered good for the intestinal flora.  Recently, Sun Sweet
scored high on Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ special energy test. This chocolate is semi-sweet bordering on bitter-sweet. The cacao beans
currently being made into SUN SWEET are sourced from Ecuador and Peru.
 At 70% Cacao Content, this is a semi sweet chocolate.

Sacred Heart — The
“1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart” shaped chocolate bar is not only
beautiful to behold, but also raises the frequency of the chocolate.

Sacred Chocolate is slowly stone-ground from bean to bar in the custom Sacred Chocolate factory in Marin County, California. This facility was designed from
the ground up to make raw chocolate! Each 1.44oz bar comes in the shape
of a perfect golden spiral heart, symbolic of the fact that raw cacao
is so good for the heart.  This delicious Sacred Chocolate heart bar is
hand poured & hand wrapped. All Sacred Chocolate is prayed over and blessed by the loving workers at Sacred Chocolate.

“Cacao Nibs, *Inulin (from Jerusalem Artichoke), “Cacao Butter, ” Cacao Beans with SKINS, *Vanilla Bean.

Raw Spirit Festival – Gabriel Cousines, Chef Jake Hopkins, Cipes and the People

We’ll be in Sedona, Arizona this next weekend for the Raw Spirit Festival — September 12 – 14th

We’ll be spending time with Gabriel Cousins from the Tree of Life, Chef Jake Hopkins maker of the Goji Bar, and Cipes of Cipes and the People… the band with the theme “Conscious Revolution.”

It should be an exciting weekend and we’re looking forward to meeting the numerous vendors and friends that will gather in this magical desert setting for the largest raw vegan, ecopeace celebration. September 12th – 14th we all unite at this beautiful resort, located amidst trees and ponds on luscious lawns beneath Sedona, Arizona’s famous Red Rock Mountains.

When we arrive on Thursday we’ll be attending the The Raw Spirit Business Dinner at the Radisson Poco Diablo Resort-Patio with a dinner served by served by Chef Richard Hazen, CEO of D’lish Restaurant. We’ll be discussing where the Raw-Eco-Peace Economy is heading.

Gabriel Cousins will be giving talks on Saturday & Sunday and Cipes and the People will sing on Friday night and Saturday.

Our friends Singing Bear, David Wolf, Laura Fox and many others will be there!

Visit their website for more info. on The Raw Spirit Festival.

It will be an amazing weekend!