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Choosing a healthy breakfast

The importance of a morning meal cannot go understated, it is vital to ensuring quality energy levels and health. The equation is simple when you skip the morning meal you miss out on the opportunity to set your day up properly. By this I mean, breakfast sets the tone of the day for your digestive system, blood sugar levels, apatite and many endocrine system functions. Setting your day off right helps you maintain the quality of health that keeps you from situations like obesity and diabetes. And, this is all as simple as starting the day off with a quality meal.

What are some good breakfast options?

It is commonly agreed that foods low on the glycemic index scale are your best choices. My brother the chiropractor Dr. Robert D'Aquila and many other health professionals recommend a breakfast high in protein. His personal favorite is a raw egg shake made with coconut milk and a vitamin/mineral concentrated green powder. The whole raw egg thing is a bit much for me to stomach but he says the key here is ample nutrition and low sugar to start things off.

So what is the wisdom behind such an approach? Research is constantly uncovering the importance of blood sugar levels and its relation to overall health and with this research comes the fact that keeping your blood glucose levels from spiking throughout the day leads to greater overall health. In my earlier post on Agave, Stevia and the Glycemic Index I illustrated the blood sugar swings. I will now go over this again in relation to breakfast. When you skip breakfast you set your system up for unregulated blood glucose swings and you also upset your apatite. When you eat low glycemic foods for breakfast you prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking. This keeps your blood glucose levels even throughout the day, so as the day goes on you experience less fatigue, tiredness and need for snacks. These shifts are more than they seem to be on the surface, whereas it just seem like you are hungry, there is a complex hormonal process happening. And, when this complex hormonal process is off balance from improper diet for an extended period of time you end up with health conditions that could be averted.

If you start your day off with a powerful blend of high quality protein such as that found in Quantum Whey by Premier Research Lab you will be giving yourself a very strong foundation for your day. This choice for vitality and sustained health that will take you through morning and into lunch. Research has found that those who skip breakfast often overcompensate during lunch by consuming far more calories than they really need. Which in essence is a recipe for obesity and diabetes and these same people are often hungry two hours after lunch even though they ate more calories than they needed . . . How incongruous?

I like to use breakfast as a time to start getting my vegetables as well. As we know eating ample quantities of fresh fruits and veggies is good for the body. But I often find most fruits to sweet for my morning taste, that is why I opt for low glycemic foods such as kale, broccoli, squash, brussel sprouts and spinach for breakfast, along with some over easy or soft boiled eggs. And, maybe some rice or miso soup as an addition. Often when people skip breakfast it is because of time constraints and this is the same reason they reach for high glycemic breakfast bars, pastries or sugary cereals. If you really can't do breakfast you are better off eating some nuts or an apple rather than skipping it or going for the high glycemic options prevalent today. But if you can give yourself 5 minutes you can whip up a quick protein shake and boost it with some green powder as well. In the scheme of things this is rocket fuel for health compared to the conventional options out there. Here is a simple recipe for you:

Healthy Breakfast Shake

1 1/2 cups of water
small handful of almonds
1 tablespoon of organic canned coconut milk
or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. This is a simple formula that contains 3 main components besides water; they are Protein, Fat and Greens. These three components provide long term sustainability for blood sugar and apatite.

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A Healthy 2012

Add More Greens to Your Diet
It is the new year a time when many people resolve to get healthy and make changes to their diet. We fully support the positive changes people wish to make; especially when it comes to cleaning up their diet and exercising more. Because lets face it without these two factors supplements, pills and powders just aren't going to give you the results you are looking for.
Along with a healthy diet and exercise certain supplements and herbs can give you the extra nudge with achieving your health and fitness goals. One really simple thing you can do that will make significant changes over the long term is to add more plants to your diet. Specifically add more leafy green plants to your diet. Do this everyday for a year and you will see and feel the changes it makes in your life. Try spinach, kale, broccoli, brussle sprouts, collards, lettuce and fresh green herbs like parsley and cilantro. After doing this if you still want support go for it. Below is a list of a few key supplements that will support your health and fitness goals.

Yerba Mate
This hardy South American wonder tea has been used for centuries to help control hunger and nourish the body. On top of that it also boost metabolism helping the body to burn fat. Yerba mate is a well known appetite suppressant and it is also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Yerba mate has been used as a tea by natives of South America for centuries, where it is still widely consumed and sometimes referred to as a liquid vegetable. So if you need an extra boost in the morning skip the coffee and go for Yerba Mate. It will not only give you the boost of coffee but the nutrition of vegetables. It is available in loose for or in tea bags.

Vitamineral Green
This powerhouse supplement contains more nutrient dense foods than you can shake a stick at. Over the years green supplement powders have become popular because they are highly nutritious, low in calories, regulate blood sugar and they are convenient and easy to use. Simply mix Vitamineral Green into water or juice and you've transformed it into a wonder health drink.

Salad Booster
Give a boost to your salads with Living Intentions "Salad Booster" a smart product containing a variety of raw and sprouted nuts, seeds and nutrient dense superfoods. This product is a tasty way to increase nutrient intake with just a few shakes. Salad booster is easy to use, portable and tastes good, besides the sprouted nuts and seeds it also contains spirulina and chlorella.

Hemp Seeds
Nutty and delicious, Hemp seeds add protein, healthy fats and vitamin E to your diet, they are fun to eat and easy to incorporate. Simply sprinkle them onto salads, grain dishes or add to a smoothie. Hemp Seeds are a good source of digestible protein. They are 33% protein by weight and contain all 8 essential amino acids. They are also a great source of vegetable based omega 3 fatty acids.

Superfood Smoothie Mix
With eight potent, organic superfood ingredients, this is one of the most powerful sources of nutrition available! It’s incredibly rich in complete protein, cell-protecting antioxidants, heart-healthy omega 3s, cholesterol-balancing phytosterols, and an array of immunity-supporting bioflavonoids, minerals and natural vitamins. Superfood Smoothie Mix contains hemp, maca, acai, mesquite, lucuma and goji berry extract.
Health is not a complicated formula, all it requires is some simple changes to diet, activity levels and managing stress in a balance way. Add to this a few key supplements because they offer concentrated nutrition thus boosting vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant intake without much effort. We are here to support you by offering you a selection of hand picked top quality products and valuable information.

All the Best and Happy New Year to you and yours!

From the Zebra Organics team

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Zebra Organics Off and Running

Our team, here at Zebra Organics, is excited to bring you foods and products that support a green, healthy, natural, organic lifestyle.

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