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Does Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract Work?

That is a darn good question. Does it work? Will you lose weight if you use it?

Original R and D
Lets start the conversation by saying Modifilan was designed as a natural detox remedy to cleanse the body of heavy metals and radiation poisoning. The maker of Modifilan is aware that it is being touted as a weight loss supplement and the maker wants it to be known that while it can help with weight loss the R and D has been focused on detox.
Magic Bullet
Folks I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as a magic bullet. You cannot simply take something to lose weight. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS AND EXERCISE HABITS. Brown seaweed extract does increase fat metabolism and increasing fat metabolism will help you lose weight. And, using Modifilan within the context of a balanced diet and exercise regime is your best approach. Also consistency and commitment are important, you need to follow through to reap results.
Bigger Picture
Actual fat intake is only part of the picture, natural, raw, plant oils and fats are good for you, actually many fats are good for you such as fish oils. Fat intake may not be the "problem". But, sugar intake is an issue, there are no two ways around this. Your body will store excess sugar it can't metabolize as fat this will cause weight gain.
Our Stance
While we have benefited in sales from the increased attention this product has received we encourage a balanced lifestyle with supplements as an addition. They are called SUPPLEMENTS, ie they supplement the diet. If the diet is poor do not expect much from the supplement or even a lasting change. We have many natural healthy options available from raw plant proteins, raw healthy fats and low glycemic sweeteners. Green powders are also a great aid to weightloss they provide a wealth of nutrients with a minimum of calories. Please refer to our earlier Post for some ideas and suggestions.
Modifilan will work within reason when used wisely and in combination with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. It was also reported that the use of licorice extract along with modifilan boosts the weight loss potential of the product.
SummaryModifilan combined with a healthy diet and exercise will be a benefit to your weight loss goals. But, only if you are consistent with the program you set for yourself. Including green foods such asGreens First Powder in your diet will give you nutrition without calories. Also healthy oils, particularly coconut oil is a great aid to a fitness regime because the medium chain triglycerides get used as energy quickly by the body. Low glycemic sweeteners are also an important piece of the weightloss picture, you need to cut out the refined sugar and related products. Consider using stevia, agave nectar or coconut sugar instead; shop for these at our Sweeteners page.
Last but not least; the emotional level. It would be incomplete to leave the emotional piece of the equation out. Food has a very powerful emotional impact on our lives and making changes around food can be very challenging on the emotional level. I, Mark D'Aquila the author of these posts am also a specialist in the use of flower remedies for emotional healing. And, I can help you address any emotional condition you want to change. Please contact me via my site to learn more and when you mention Zebra Organics you'll receive 15% off a personal consultation or any purchase.

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More About The Amazing Brown Seaweed Extract Modifilan

Interest in the compound Fucoxanthin has sky rocketed recently thanks in part to Dr. Oz. Which has led us to share a bit more about this amazing substance. Fucoxanthin is a seaweed compound and we are big proponents of consuming seaweed, a natural wild vegetable from the ocean. One reason we like wild foods is because they offer a richer and wider nutritional content than farmed foods.

Rich in Nutrients
Seaweeds are a miraculous food, they contain an array of complex nutrients and minerals not found anywhere else. Of particular interest are the polysaccaride compounds and antioxidants in brown seaweed. On a recent Dr. Oz show he mentioned a report which showed the promise of the antioxidant, fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin is a caroteniod compound found in brown seaweed aka as wakame. By working to increase the synthesis of a key protein involved in fat metabolism, fucoxanthin helps the body burn extra fat.

Cellular Metabolism: Fucoxanthin
While wakame contains this substance it is not present in high of quantities to make a difference. Researchers recommend using it in supplement form where this key antioxidant is concentrated to levels that make it useful as a fat burner. This amazing substance increases cellular metabolism even while the body is inactive. This in turn also helps to normalize cholesterol levels in the body. Taking Modifilan Brown Seaweed extract in addition to a healthy diet can help you get over the hump and headed to the proper weight and cholesterol level for your body.

Other Health Benefits
When using Modifilan seaweed extract not only will you be helping your fat metabolism but you get added heavy metal and radiation cleansing effects as well. This product has been studied for its ability to bind to and help the body excrete radioactive isotopes including cesium, strontium and radioactive iodine. This is promising, as the nuclear disaster in Japan has many people worried about potential radiation poisoning.

Heavy Metal Cleansing
In a previous blog post I talked about the ability of seaweed to cleanse heavy metals from the body. Modifilan being a concentrated supplement greatly assists in the removal of heavy metals from the body. Our environmental conditions today means that we are exposed to heavy metals, of these metals mercury is common contaminant we must deal with. In studies researchers have found that Modifilan binds to and removes this toxic heavy metal from the body without incident.

Other Research
Researchers have also found that brown seaweed extract is useful for the heart, it is cardio protective. And it has certain anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the gastro intestinal tract. As well as protecting the thyroid gland and causing certain types of cancer cells to self destruct.

Final Thoughts
Along with its belly fat burning properties, brown seaweed extract has a many positive health benefits. Whether using it for weight loss or to cleanse the body this is a powerful supplement that will help you on your path toward total body well being.

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Golden Bean Raw Chocolate by High Integrity Foods

High Integrity Foods brings you Golden Bean, a sumptuously raw organic chocolate bar based on the harmonic principles of the golden mean spiral. Years of research and development as a raw food chef led Matt Samuelson into the sacred world of raw cacao. His time and efforts have produced this fine product. Matt only uses the finest raw ingredients for these hand crafted bars.

Chocolate is a noted antioxidant, chocolate contains high amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids both known to assist our health in many ways. Chocolate just may contain the highest concentration of antioxidants in food, with up to 10% antioxidants by weight. Raw chocolate is also a supplies an ample amount of vitamin C and minerals. Most notably magnesium and chromium, two minerals essential for healthy brain function and blood sugar balance.

Raw Agave nectar is the product of the agave desert plant, which secretes a thin sweet, low glycemic nectar. Agave contains more fructose than glucose, which imparts sweetness but nominally effects the bodies blood sugar balance. This combination of sweetness and low-glycemic index make it a perfect compliment to chocolate's health properties.

The bar is also seasoned with organic raw vanilla bean and himalayan salt which enhances the balance of flavors in the bar. There is also less than 1% of organic non-gmo soy lecithin, this enhances the creamy texture and smoothness of the bar.

This artful bar is bold with chocolate flavor yet smooth on the palate, take a bite and you know why chocolate is known as 'Food of the Gods'.

Click here to Purchase the Golden Bean Gourmet Raw Chocolate Bar

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Matcha- Green Tea Powder

Organic Intro Matcha
Our organic matcha is from an 800 year old tencha tea plantation in Japan. These ancient plants produce high quality green tea and are specially tended to ensure the end product is sweet, bright green and fresh. Once the leaves are harvested they are hand inspected and sent to a modern facility for processing. Granite grinding wheels slowly grind the tea to a fine emerald green powder. Grinding temperature never reach above 70 degrees F, making it suitable for those on a raw food diet.

Matcha is superior source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other healthy compounds. It contains 10-15 times more nutrients than regular brewed tea. Matcha promotes calm clear energy due to the presence of the amino acid theanine. Theanine is unique to all varieties of tea and matcha contains a high percentage of this compound being that it is in a whole leaf in a fine powder form. Theanine supports alpha brain wave function. Alpha brain states are induced by massage and relaxation they assist with studying, meditating and learning.

Matcha gives you 100% of the nutrients of green tea in a balanced versatile whole food powder. Other compounds found in matcha are chlorophyll, vitamin C, zinc, beta carotene, calcium, potassium, protein and iron.

A Break Down of Brain Wave Frequencies

delta (0.5 – 4 HZ). Associated with deep levels of relaxation such as sleep
theta (4 – 8HZ). Associated with tranquil states of awareness in which vivid internal imagery can often occur
alpha (8- 12 HZ). Relaxed nervous system, ideal for stress management, accelerated learning and mental imagery
beta (12-30 HZ). Associated with waking/alert states

of awareness k-complex (30 – 35HZ). Clarity and sudden states of

integration, the “ah-ha experience”
super high beta (35 – 150 HZ). Psychodynamic states of awareness

To use: Blend 1 cup hot water with 1 teaspoon of matcha. Add it to chocolate smoothies, berry smoothies or fruit smoothies. Try mixing it with ice cream to create a green tea ice cream. Let your imagination guide you . . .

To purchase our stone ground organic Matcha, and other fine teas, visit the Zebra Organics store.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D'Aquila, flower essence practitioner,

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