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Chocolate and Heavy Metals
Chocolate has always been a revered food but a recent review of commercial chocolate in Brazil found some chocolate has high levels of two heavy metals. The two metals examined are lead and cadmium. Scientists from the University of Campinas in Brazil conducted the study which was published by the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. In the study researchers looked at 30 different brands including milk, white and dark chocolate confections.

The levels of lead and cadmium found in these products is believed to come from the soils in which they are grown. The saturation range varied by product but the all were above the safety levels recommended by the World Health Organization. The levels of lead and cadmium were highest in dark chocolate and chocolate with high cacao levels. While dark chocolate is considered to be healthier than white and milk chocolate it appears in this case they are not.

These findings are augmented by a lab testing of major raw and organic cacao products popular in the raw food community. A group known as the Forensic Food Lab has conducted its own study. According to its findings Essential Living Foods Raw Cacao Nibs are the least contaminated among those tested, you can view the full list by visiting this link. We at Zebra Organics hand select our products and our aim is to provide you with a unique selection of healthy products. We do carry a range of cacao products and we pleased to carry Essential Living Foods Cacao Nibs.

In general heavy metal pollution is something we all need to be aware of. It would be nice to believe we all live in a pristine environment but we don't. In fact the air we breath each day contains varying levels of pollutants including heavy metals. Three of the most common metals found in the air we breath are cadmium, lead and mercury and they emitted mainly as a result of various industrial activities. While the levels in the air are low they do build up in soils and the plants take them up and they enter the food chain.

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Does Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract Work?

That is a darn good question. Does it work? Will you lose weight if you use it?

Original R and D
Lets start the conversation by saying Modifilan was designed as a natural detox remedy to cleanse the body of heavy metals and radiation poisoning. The maker of Modifilan is aware that it is being touted as a weight loss supplement and the maker wants it to be known that while it can help with weight loss the R and D has been focused on detox.
Magic Bullet
Folks I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as a magic bullet. You cannot simply take something to lose weight. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS AND EXERCISE HABITS. Brown seaweed extract does increase fat metabolism and increasing fat metabolism will help you lose weight. And, using Modifilan within the context of a balanced diet and exercise regime is your best approach. Also consistency and commitment are important, you need to follow through to reap results.
Bigger Picture
Actual fat intake is only part of the picture, natural, raw, plant oils and fats are good for you, actually many fats are good for you such as fish oils. Fat intake may not be the "problem". But, sugar intake is an issue, there are no two ways around this. Your body will store excess sugar it can't metabolize as fat this will cause weight gain.
Our Stance
While we have benefited in sales from the increased attention this product has received we encourage a balanced lifestyle with supplements as an addition. They are called SUPPLEMENTS, ie they supplement the diet. If the diet is poor do not expect much from the supplement or even a lasting change. We have many natural healthy options available from raw plant proteins, raw healthy fats and low glycemic sweeteners. Green powders are also a great aid to weightloss they provide a wealth of nutrients with a minimum of calories. Please refer to our earlier Post for some ideas and suggestions.
Modifilan will work within reason when used wisely and in combination with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. It was also reported that the use of licorice extract along with modifilan boosts the weight loss potential of the product.
SummaryModifilan combined with a healthy diet and exercise will be a benefit to your weight loss goals. But, only if you are consistent with the program you set for yourself. Including green foods such asGreens First Powder in your diet will give you nutrition without calories. Also healthy oils, particularly coconut oil is a great aid to a fitness regime because the medium chain triglycerides get used as energy quickly by the body. Low glycemic sweeteners are also an important piece of the weightloss picture, you need to cut out the refined sugar and related products. Consider using stevia, agave nectar or coconut sugar instead; shop for these at our Sweeteners page.
Last but not least; the emotional level. It would be incomplete to leave the emotional piece of the equation out. Food has a very powerful emotional impact on our lives and making changes around food can be very challenging on the emotional level. I, Mark D'Aquila the author of these posts am also a specialist in the use of flower remedies for emotional healing. And, I can help you address any emotional condition you want to change. Please contact me via my site to learn more and when you mention Zebra Organics you'll receive 15% off a personal consultation or any purchase.

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Heavy Metal and Radiation Cleansing

I am posting this to bring added awareness to what is already present. This post is meant to inform and educate not incite anxiety.

It is not uncommon to encounter heavy metals and radiation in our daily life. Our body is an amazing organism that is keen on maintaining balance under all circumstances, including in the presence of heavy metals and radiation.

Our bodies produce some of the most potent anti-oxidants in world. These compounds work to negate and support the cleansing of toxins, pollutants and free radicals. And, the body could always use some extra support in its mission to keep our body and blood clean. If you want to support your body in its mission of cleansing heavy metals and radiation consider supplementing you diet with the following five food nutrients.

  1. Spirulina
  2. Chlorella
  3. Sea Veggies
  4. Cilantro
  5. Kidney Complex by Premier Research Labs
This is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Spirulina is rich in 70% protein by weight, contains bio available B12 & iron, high in dark pigment anti-oxidants and toxin binding compounds that help eliminate radioactive compounds from the body.

Similar to spirulina, chlorella is a single cell algae, that is rich in proteins and dark pigment anti oxidants. Chlorella is known to rapidly aid in repairing tissue and DNA/RNAdue to the presence of Chlorella Growth Factor, a unique component to chlorella. CGF is a combination of proteins, peptides and vitamins. Among these compounds is a heavy metal binding protein molecule, which is useful for binding to and clearing mercury from the body.

Sea Vegetables:
Another valuable nutrient dense food from the waters, sea vegetables contain alginates. These compounds which are naturally found in sea vegetables act as an absorbent and are particularly effective in absorbing lead and cadmium.

This common herb is extremely effective at cleaning heavy metals from the body. It works especially well to clean mercury from the body. The best and easiest way to get these benefits is to consume the herb in its fresh state. A few tablespoons a day in conjunction with a detox program to ensure the loosened metals are flushed from the body.

Kidney Complex by Premier Research Labs:
The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood. As such they will be one of the organs most effected by heavy metals and radiation. This supplement acts to support the kidneys while you are cleansing or it can be used as a general tonic to support kidney function.

At Zebra Organics we strive to bring you a range of quality products from trusted sources. We stock a range of products from the ones listed above. Of particular interest is the Spirulina/Chlorella combination tablets are powerful, convenient and easy to use. And, they are on sale for $22.95 for 1,000 tablets!

You can browse the range of sea vegetables we offer by following this link.

And to purchase Premier Research Labs Kidney Complex visit this link.

As for the cilantro use fresh organic and/or garden grown cilantro.

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