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Green Friday!

It seems “Black Friday” has been elevated to holiday status and that this shopping day has taken on an almost religious quality.   Advertisers would like us to believe that there is a deep importance to shopping on this day.  This speaks to something deeper, this near compulsion to purchase a bunch of stuff for relatives and friends to show love.

While it is nice to receive gifts and to give gifts, when there is an urgency and have to behind it the meaning gets lost.  When this happens we are reacting rather than coming from the heart where true gift giving comes from.  To me this is the most saddening part of this big shopping day, the compulsion and loss of meaning behind gift giving.

Giving gifts is such a wonderful feeling, growing up this was one of my favorite aspects about Christmas, the giving.  To try and see what unique useful item I could give to members of my family. So while we do not encourage compulsion we do encourage gift giving from the heart with heart.

Here at Zebra Organics we are compulsive about health.  We have taken the time to search for products made with care and we apply that same care to what we choose to sell.  We are a humble operation and we strive to deliver health products with heart.

This holiday season Zebra Organics is offering a number of sale items, package deals and a gift wrapping service.  Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to find out more.

Do you know someone on a special diet or who loves exotic foods and quality supplements? 

We have a huge variety of great Gluten Free foods.
We also stock a variety of exotic chocolates, perfect for the chocolate lover on your list.
We also stock a great variety of Raw/Vegan food and superfood supplements.
How exciting would it be to get people what they want and to spare yourself the madness of shopping crowds?  You can do this today or any other day you would like and don’t forget our gift wrapping service.   Most of all enjoy this holiday season.
Happy Holidays from Zebra Organics.

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