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Coping with the Holidays Part 1 - Alcohol

Coping with the Holidays Part 1

The holidays are upon us, and chances are some of you will choose to indulge this season. In this series Coping with the Holidays we will look at 3 areas, alcohol, sugar and overeating. The goal of these posts is to offer you tips and tools to support you to stay healthy if and when you do indulge. The holidays are typically times when even the most healthy among us indulges a little. First and foremost I suggest letting go of guilt and judgement around any indiscretions this holiday season. You may be at a party or event which serves alcohol, you may be inclined to drink, you may drink too much, you may be wondering what can I do to support my health at these times? First, not over consuming would be a wise aim but any amount of alcohol will have a detrimental effect on your body. First and foremost, make sure you are well-hydrated prior to drinking and do your best to hydrate with water during and after alcohol consumption; including the following day.

If you often feel hungover the day after consuming, there’s a good chance you have a sluggish liver and digestive tract imbalances. The best way to overcome this overcome is by taking a probiotic before going to sleep. If your tolerance is especially low, taking probiotics before and during consumption may provide the needed the support for functioning well the following day.

Alcohol damages the gut lining, which usually takes about two weeks to heal. This can cause altered immune function leading to food sensitivities, microbial imbalances, autoimmune flare-ups and more. In order to help heal the lining, slippery elm and/or marshmallow tea twice a day for two weeks following alcohol consumption should help. If you want to go “all out”, drink one cup to one quart of extremely high quality chicken or beef broth daily for one to two weeks. A simpler option would be to consume a tablespoon or more of high quality powdered gelatin in water (again for about two weeks).

Premier Research Labs - Liver Nano Detox
Liver health is important to keep in mind when consuming alcohol. Liver enzymes are responsible for metabolizing alcohol and they do this at the rate of roughly 1 drink per hour. If you consume more than 1 drink per hour you will be adding stress on the liver. To support the liver consider using liver supporting herbs. Premier Research Labs Liver Nano Detox is a supportive detox formula made with nanized, medicinal quality, Indian Turmeric. Their herbal processing method is a breakthrough in achieving unparalleled bioavailability in liquid form. They use a blend of probiotics to breakdown the herb into a highly bio-available form for rapid uptake and utilization.

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26 Ways to Love Your Liver Part Two
Part two in our two part series of Loving your liver. This is a play on Paul Simon's 50 ways to Leave Your Lover. But I had to shorten it as to not be redundant.

14.) Make sure you get enough sulfur based amino acids such as methionine and cysteine as the liver uses these to make potent

anti-oxidant compounds.

15.) Castor Oil packs to cleanse the liver

16.) Drink herb root teas such as Dandelion and or Burdock

17.) Eat more Artichoke - artichokes are a traditional liver support food

18.) Tumeric - include more Tumeric in your diet a known liver support food. Or use Tumeric based liver support products such as Liver Nano Detox by Premier Research Labs.

19.) Lemon Water - This acts a to gently detoxify the liver

20.) Garlic and Onions - both these foods are high in sulfur compounds which the liver loves.

21.) Eat more Beets they are rich in Betatine which supports optimal liver function.

22.) Cut down on deep fried and fatty foods. These foods are heavy on the liver.

23.) Drink Green Tea and Use Green Tea Supplements such as Green Tea Nano Detox a potent probiotic based nano liquid.

24.) Try the potent antioxidant Alpha Lipioc Acid which helps the body recycle other anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C and E. As well as promoting the synthesis of Glutahione

25.) Use Liver Detox Supplements each spring to support liver health.

26.) Eat Organic fruits and vegetables- as they don't have the harmful pesticides which can damage the liver.

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26 Ways to Love Your Liver Part One

Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. A less than optimally functioning liver has profound health ramifications for the entire body. It is not uncommon for most people's livers to become challenged and stressed from poor food, toxins, excess protein, alcohol, drugs (over the

counter and prescription), and environmental toxins.

The liver is the largest organ inside the body, the skin technically is our largest organ. The liver is a full on work horse it processes toxins, produces enzymes, antioxidants and filters blood among thousands of other functions. The title of this post is taken from Paul Simon's hit song 50 ways to leave your lover. I hope you enjoy the humor and suggestions while couched in humor they are helpful and designed to inform.

1.) Smile

2.) Stay Hydrated - this just helps everything try Crystal Energy

3.) Eat Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies

4.) Eat Bitter Greens - such as dandelion, chicory, mustard and rapini

5.) Exercise

6.) Yoga - certain poses are excellent for the internal organs

7.) Eat Less Sugar

8.) Eat Balanced Fats

9.) Avoid overeating

10.) Avoid consuming alcohol especially if you've over eaten - this puts a tremendous strain and burden on the liver.

11.) Eat Goji Berries

12.) Express yourself - un-exspressed emotional energy particluarly anger builds up in the liver.

13.) Use liver supporting herbs we suggest Liver Rescue +4 by Health Force

In this post the aim is to offer you simple easy to apply steps to support a healthy liver. The liver is a work-horse constantly processing for our health and well being. Keeping the liver healthy will lead to an improved feeling of well being as well as mood. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is associated with strong emotions such as anger. A well functioning liver supports us on many levels in achieving a healthy and happy life.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Alchohol and Liver Health

Its that time of the year, when excessive alcohol consumption gets the green light. As a society we've agreed that the holidays are a time of indulgence. But, unfortunately our bodies don't go on holiday. And, they will pay the price and take the brunt of our holiday indulgences. All is not lost, as mother nature has provided us with a great many herbs to help cleanse the body.

The Liver

The liver is a real workhorse, constantly filtering and neutralizing toxins, to keep the body safe from harmful substances like alcohol. The liver filters the blood at a rate of 1.5 liters per minute, an astounding volume and rate. When we drink, alcohol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so the liver is filtering alcohol at an equally fast rate. If the liver had only one function, its job would be easy. But, the liver is a complex organ responsible for hundreds of process and detoxing alcohol is only one of them.
The liver processes the alcohol and essentially removes it from the bloodstream. Alcohol is a poison and if it were not broken down and detoxified it would kill you. Each year there are a number of alcohol induced deaths, simply because people have consumed too much alcohol for their liver to process. I am not suggesting that you are in danger of alcohol poisoning this season. I just wanted to illustrate the point and remind you that alcohol is essentially a poison. Alcohol in moderation still compromises you liver, digestion and overall health.
But, there are a few things you can do to take care of your liver in a way that's easy to implement and will allow you to enjoy the holidays.
  1. Drink plenty of water - alcohol is dehydrating
  2. Avoid overeating - overeating and alcohol stresses the liver
  3. Take a B complex vitamin - these will help all systems function smoothly
  4. Use Probiotics - alcohol will upset your intestinal bacteria
  5. Support you liver with natural herbs - use Liver Rescue +4

About Liver Rescue +4

Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. A less than

optimally functioning liver has profound health ramifications for the entire body. Most people's livers are quite challenged and constantly stressed from food toxins, excess protein, alcohol, drugs (over the

counter & and prescription), and environmental toxins.
Liver Rescue Version 4+ by HealthForce Nutritionals contains therapeutic

levels of the most powerful liver herbs known, provides powerful direct antioxidants, and supports multiple phases of liver detoxification.

How to Use

Use this supplement pro-actively, if you know you will be drinking, take two capsules before heading out. And take another two capsules before bed with a large glass of water. Then you will want to continue taking Liver Rescue +4 as directed on the bottle for a week or more just to keep you staying healthy and clean.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract ( Silybum Marianum standardized to 80% Silymarin) - 600 mg Dandelion Root Extract ( Taraxacum Officinale) (4:1) - 200 mg Wasabia Japonica ( root ) - 100 mg Picrorhiza Kurroa ( 10% kutkin) - 100 mg Be safe, enjoy the holidays and from all of us at Zebra Organics have a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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Supremely Green

Supremely Green is as the name states a supremely green healthy plant superfood powder.

You may not have heard of the formula or this company but if you take a look at the ingredients you may wonder why it is not in your cabinet.

Ingredients Well over half of the formula consists of Barley and Alfalfa grass

juice concentrates, with the early growth benefits of Wheat sprout concentrate, including as well the algae Spirulina and Chlorella. (Full

profiles are available on these particular items.)
+ Indicates extract * Indicates extract/powder concentrate

Barley (24:1),Alfalfa (19:1),Spirulina, Chlorella They

are all rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein, and are body and blood building, tissue healing, detoxifying, deodorizing, help with bowel regularity, and are antioxidants. Because of their alkalizing nature, they purify and help maintain healthy blood. Alfalfa and Barley are also rich in complex carbohydrates and


Wheatsprout concentrate:

Rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, it balances blood sugar, is immune enhancing, detoxifying, and has all the strong antioxidants of

the early sprout stage of the plant.
Nutritive Rice Complex: Tocotrienols (Solubles) & Brown rice bran An

enzyme rich source of the vitamin B complex, vitamin E complex, carotenoids, all essential amino acids, and other vitamins, minerals,

Vitamin C & Bioflavonoid Sources: Acerola+, Bilberry+, Amla+, Schizandra+, Baobab+, Goji berry+, Quercetin, Grape seed+, Hawthorn+, Elderberry+ Powerful

antioxidant properties, improving blood, circulation and wound healing; are also anti-inflammatory, support connective tissue, provide disease


FOS Blend (Fructooligosaccharides): Chicory, Mesquite, Burdock, Yucca Excellent

source of inulin, a non-glycemic beneficial food for intestinal tract probiotics, soothing and nutritive, helps with vitamin B production and vitamin assimilation, lowers cholesterol, increases mineral

Multi-strain probiotic, including soil-based microorganisms

Establishes and maintains friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, helping the body to get more nutrition out of the food we eat. Also curbs growth of harmful, disease-causing bacterial strains and other microbes, produces many important enzymes, increases bioavailability of vitamins, fatty acids, lactase, calcium, helps strengthen the immune system, neutralize toxins, normalizes bowel movements. Lactoferrin

production is stimulated.

Digestive & Assimilation Factors: Green papaya, Mesquite, Carob, Ginger, Fennel

They all help to digest and metabolize foods and assimilate nutrients. Digestive cleansers provide fiber, yet have a soothing, nutritive nature. They assist the intestines and colon. Mesquite also helps lower

blood sugar.
Adaptogens: Siberian eleuthero+, Fo ti tieng+, Rhodiola+, Aloe inner fillet conc. (200:1)These

tonics balance, harmonize, and fortify the body, providing strength and stamina, with anti-stress effects, strengthening digestion and the

immune system.

Amazon Complex: Una de gato*, Maca, Stevia Rich in minerals, they are immune builders, adaptogenic, and helpful in lowering blood sugar.Maca and Stevia provide natural sweetness.
Essence of Sea Plants: Red dulse, Norwegian kelp, Giant kelp, Laminaria, Gracilaria, Lithothamnion, Bladderwrack, Irish moss, Sea palm

Highly nutritive, rich in micro-minerals, with vitamins, protein, chlorophyll, enzymes. They help re-mineralize the body, are restorative,

antibiotic, hypotensive, and detoxify heavy metals.

Mushroom Power: Full spectrum extractions of Cordyceps, Reishi, ABM, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey tail, Chaga Immune

and stamina enhancing, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, help in cold and flu recovery, stress relief, are cholesterol reducing,

non-candida forming, containing complex carbohydrates and B vitamins.

Hepatics: Milk thistle+, Turmeric+, Dandelion root+

They tone and detoxify the liver, and help to purify the blood. Proper liver support helps the body process excess waste, chemicals, and


Brain & Nerve Tonics: Gota kola+, Ginkgo biloba+

Also blood purifiers, they increase blood flow and oxygen circulation

to the brain, improving brain function, memory, and mental clarity.

It is clear that you can get a lot done with this formula not only do you get the greens but you also get the richness of an herbal boost and boost of sea plants. And on top of all that Supreme Greens very affordable as well, so you can be kind to yourself and your wallet as do good for your body.

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Liver Health Part Two

Supplements for you Liver

Keeping the liver healthy is a priority for all levels of well being.
In Chinese medicine the liver is associated with the emotions of anger, rage and frustration. These are insidious emotions which harm the body because they contribute to an acidic ph and prevent us from feeling the good in life. Left unchecked these emotions can lead to deep dissatisfaction and undermine our overall quality of life.

Health Force- Liver Rescue +4

There are a few herbs and supplements that you can use to support the liver, chief among them is Milk Thistle seed. This herb has been used for centuries to support the liver and it is the main component in Health Force's Liver Rescue herbal blend. Other supportive herbs in the blend include artichoke and dandelion. Use this gentle blend for general maintenance or as part of a cleansing regime. This formula also has benficial ORAC capacity thus helping with overall health and liver support.

"Our lives are constantly stressed from food toxins, drugs (over the counter and prescription) and environmental toxins. A less than optimally functioning liver has profound health ramifications for the entire body. Liver Rescue 4+ contains actually therapeutic levels of the most powerful liver herb known. Supports both Phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification. Provides powerful direct antioxidants (4,100 ORAC TEIg) plus it increase the liver's ability to naturally produce the even more powerful metabolic antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.) and glutathione peroxidase. Liver Rescue nutritionally supports liver function, regeneration, liver detoxification, bile flow, and helps protect the skin from (U.V.) radiation. I truly

wish you great health and happiness always"- Jameth Sheridan

Reishi to support the Liver

Reishi is another top notch herb for the liver. In Traditional Chinese medicine reishi is known as a shen tonic a substance that helps to calm and uplift the spirit. In China and other Asian countries it is revered as a premiere tonic herb where it has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Reishi is a mushroom that has been and is used to support the body in various ways. It has been used for respitory health, neurological health and liver health.

Reishi has been and is used to support liver health and address various aliments that affect the liver. Among the conditions which practitioners have recommended reishi for are cirrhosis and hepatitis. Reishi contains a host of anti oxidant compounds which support the health and detoxification of the liver. A Chinese study involving mice demonstrated that reishi had the capacity to restore liver tissue damaged by harmful chemical back to a healthy state. While the research is limited it does align with the traditional use as a liver tonic and protector.

The reishi featured in Quantum Research's Reishi Complex is wild sourced and of the highest caliber available on the market. This complex features many complimentary herbs and nutrients designed to support the function of reishi and liver health.

Castor Oil Cleansing is also a great way to support the liver. Please refer to the following post to learn more about Castor Oil Cleansing and visit our web store to purchase the highest quality Castor Oil and cotton flannel.

Lemons are also very good for the liver and many people like to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning. This helps to reduce liver stagnation, clear congestion and cleanse mucus build up from the system. While lemons are acid once they are ingested they alkalize the body and help to keep the body's ph balanced. Also try using lemons instead of vinegar on your salads. The combination of organic greens, raw olive oil and lemon juice with a touch of salt; yum and good for the liver.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping the liver healthy and functioning optimally in paramount to good health. The supplements recommended here are meant to be an adjunct to an already healthy diet and lifestyle. Because without a strong foundation we have little to build good health upon. Consider using these supplements, eating well and a few of the tips from this post and

the previous one. Your liver will love it and so will you.

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Liver Health Part One

The liver is the largest organ in the body, it is responsible for processing toxins and it plays a key part in regulating glucose for energy metabolism. The liver is a very active organ that is involved in about 10,000 processes a second, a staggering number which is hard to comprehend. As such the liver can easily get overworked and compromised by stress, overeating, poor eating, stimulants and alcohol. Any combination of the above mentioned scenarios puts a huge stress on the liver. Overeating stresses the liver and when combined with alcohol this adds greatly to the stress.

Leafy Greens to Love Your Liver

To assist the proper functioning of the liver eat more leafy bitter greens, collard, mustard and dandelion greens are excellent choices. The liver is a fatty organ and it is very integral in processing fats. Eating healthy simple raw plant fats helps the liver function smoothly and nourishes the whole body. And, it is equally important to avoid rancid and unhealthy oils, especially those found in fried and processed foods.

With exception of coconut oil most if not all healthy fats go rancid rapidly when heated. This is important to know because overheated rancid oils are a major toxin to the liver and as much as we can avoid not ingesting these toxins the best. You are best to just not cook with almost all vegetable oils, some like canola can be ok but they are not that good for you and most are genetically modified. Healthy oils are really important piece to liver health and if you take anything away from this post I hope it is this fact. It is advised to use either coconut oil, high quality sesame oil or organic ghee (clarified butter) for cooking as these fats have a high heat tolerance.

Healthy Liver Foods

Foods that are good for the liver include burdock root, beets, greens and artichokes. Burdock is so wonderful for the liver and skin and is can be found in most health food. Burdock root has a mild sweet woody flavor prepare it by steaming or gentle sauteing, it pairs well with carrots and a little nama shoyu. Made popular by the macrobiotic diet enthusiasts, burdock is a common weed throughout the United States. Dandelion another common weed is also great for the liver and use beets to help purify the blood and keep the liver clean and healthy.

Easy Cleansing Burdock Recipe:
Julien one stalk of burdock and 2 medium carrots
1 tablespoon sesame oil

-Heat one tablespoon of sesame oil in a skillet over medium
-Saute the burdock for 7 minutes stirring continuously, add the carrots
-continue cooking for 7 minutes stirring occasionally,
towards the end add a few dashes of soy sauce and sprinkle of cayenne.

Serve warm with rice or quinoa
This dish is warming tasty and very balancing to the entire body. This dish is a simple way to make the most out of burdock. Enjoy and stay tuned for Part Two of the Liver Health Series.

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