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Gluten Free Foods

My mom is now trying a gluten free diet. After years of undiagnosed stomach and digestive issues she is taking a cue from Dr. Oz and cutting gluten out, to see if this will improves her health.  Dr. Oz is like an angel in a lab coat, even though he doesn’t wear one on t.v.. I say this because he has brought to the public’s attention a major health issue, which is celiac/gluten intolerance.  I personally know many people who experienced life changing benefits once they cut gluten from their diets.

Zebra Organics and it’s founders Randy Olsen and Mark D’Aquila have been exploring the world of healthy eating, raw food and local food for the past 15 years. And, we teamed up 5 years ago to bring what we feel is the best of all these categories and more to the world. While neither of us suffer from any debilitating gluten intolerance, it just so happens that the foods we love are gluten free. So we decided to devote an entire section of the site to gluten free foods, most of these also fall into the raw food category.

It is a pleasure for us to now introduce you to a line unique gluten free snacks designed by Lydia of Lydia’s Lovin Organics;

 These amazing Kale Krunchies are truly healthy snack, they are made from the following amazing organic ingredients: Kale, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Cashews, Lemon, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Himalayan Salt, Herbs de Provence and Love.

They come in 3 flavors: Herbs de Provence, Mega Green and Sassy Spice and they are on sale. Besides their gluten free status they are also an innovative take on kale, transforming it into a crunchy cracker.

Now that we have covered some savory gluten free options, what about breakfast?

 Superfruit Rich Berry Cereal
We welcome into the breakfast bowl, Living Intentions Acai/Blueberry superfruit cereal.  Enjoy a bowl of this antioxidant rich cereal, which is filled with a combination of blueberry, acai, bilberry and elderberry in synergy with Vitamin-C potent amla berries and camu camu.  This cereal is a powerhouse of beneficial berries that will help keep you energetic, healthy and vital.

Rawnola ®
We also have two lovely gluten free breakfast cereals available from Jake the genius behind Earthling Organics.  The entire collection of Earthling Organics products are raw, gluten free and low glycemic.  To view the entire product range available please visit our section on Zebra Organics devoted entirely to Jake’s creations.