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Healthy Living Series Kicked off With Raw Lifestyle Food Preparation Workshop

On Friday, November 14 we kicked off our Healthy Living Event Series with Joan Jackson of Living Raw. Hosted by Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics, the evening was a great success. Joan inspired the audience with some delicious raw food recipes, including a zucchini pasta in a flavourful tomato based sauce.Everyone enjoyed the evening, with a few guests accepting the invitation to come up and prepare some food, on their own, with Joan's guidance.

Team members from both Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics were on hand to offer insights and support to the group. Thank you to everyone that attended. Here are some highlights from the evening:

Joan preparing a raw tomato sauce
Audience members assisting Joan with the preparation of zucchini noodles
Guests tasting Joan's homemade granola
Note taking to remember ingredients and steps
Key ingredients for zucchini pasta:Pistachios - Garnishing your pasta dish with pistachios diversifies the texture and provides a satisfying crunch. Sky Island Organics offers Organic Sprouted Pistachio kernels. Olive oil - Tossing your zucchini pasta in Zebra Organic's Gourmet Peruvian Olive Oil will add a rich flavour to the dish. A tip from Joan: Use Organic Pitted Botija olives in your zucchini pasta recipe, for their super rich, delicious, full flavour.


Next month we will welcome Deanna Moore, the founder of Chocolatl, to present a chocolate workshop. The event will take place from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm on December 5 at 870 E Research Drive, Unit 6, Palm Springs, California. You can look forward to:

- Tasting different varieties of chocolate - Learning about how chocolate is made, from tree to bar - Learning about where cocao beans grow - Experiencing a slideshow about chocolate history and culture - Insights on the health benefits of chocolate - Learning recipes using raw cacao

You can find out more about our Chocolatl products -here-

We hope to see you then. Blessings to all of you,

The Team at Zebra OrganicsOur Healthy Living fall - winter free series will feature lectures by doctors and wellness practitioners, cooking classes, demos and film screenings.

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Healthy Living Products

Zebra Organics start with a mission, to offer and share a variety of Healthy Living Products. This includes raw/live foods, all natural body and skin care products and hand picked supplements. Here is a sample of some of the wonderful variety of hand picked products we specialize in.

Sacred Chocolate

One of our specialty products is Sacred Chocolate which is a super raw, stone ground, extremely delicious chocolate shaped like a heart. Twilight Dark Chocolate is slowly stone-ground from bean to bar right in

our custom chocolate factory in San Rafael, California, which was designed from the ground up to make raw chocolate! Each 1.44oz bar comes in the shape of a perfect golden spiral heart, symbolic of the fact that raw cacao is so good for the heart. This delicious Sacred Heart

chocolate bar is hand poured & hand wrapped.

Soignée Anti-Wrinkle

Soignée Anti-Wrinkle day moisturizer is the ultimate collagen booster,

helping prolong and protect the resilient beauty of youthful skin, making you look and feel younger. Our anti-wrinkle cream is light, smooth and so silky! Heal the damage caused by stress, pre-mature aging and sun damage, all naturally.

Soignée Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream contains ASC III (a plant collagen), MSM

(a natural organic sulfur), Serum C (VC-PMG a highly absorbable form of vitamin C) and Hydroxyprolisilane-C (a double collagen booster). It also contains Liposomes, that are microscopic packages that deliver skin care ingredients into secondary layers of skin.

Apply morning and night and you will begin to see results in as little as 4 weeks.

Ume Plum Vinegar

Try Ume Vinegar for a change, this refreshing ruby red liquid is not truly vinegar, this is the brine

from the pickling of umeboshi plums. Its year-long fermentation process brings out its fragrant, lively tartness and subtle herbal flavor. Use Oindo Ume Vinegar in place of soy sauce or seasonings. It’s delightful in soups, salads or sprinkled on greens.

Ocean's Alive
Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton

Original Source of EPA & DHA

"Fresh Harvest Captured" concentrated raw superfood requiring no refrigeration.

The nano particulate size of the NEW Nannochloropsis Gaditana strain is even smaller than previous strains. This means there are a greater number of of Marine Phytoplankton Cells in Oceans Alive. The product viscosity is a slightly thinner consistency... for faster absorption.

Oceans Alive clients consistently comment about enhanced brain function,

increased levels of energy, better sleep and whole body strength. Ocean's Alive contains the highest quality of this crucial micro algae.

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Honey: The Functional Food

Oh Honey. . .
Oh honey . . . how much do we love you . . .? Let me count the ways:
  1. You sweeten my life naturally
  2. You are a high enzyme food
  3. You contain powerful anti oxidant compounds
  4. You remain eternal and never spoil
  5. You can keep wounds clean and speed healing

Magical Food
Honey is such a special food source and I (Mark D'Aquila) the guy who writes these blogs love it so much. To me honey is magic, what the bees do is alchemy, drinking nectar from a flower then transforming it into a sweet viscous nourishing substance. Honey and bees have been revered throughout time, archaeologists found honey in a pyramid in Egypt and guess what, it is still good, honey never spoils. I call it magic, maybe honey is the real 'fountain of youth'? It does keep the skin moist, supple and dignifies the aging process in that respect.

Honey is a high enzyme food, some of the enzymes in honey have been introduced by bees and some are part of the original flower nectar. Heating honey neutralizes the enzymes, to get the enzyme benefits of honey you need to consume it raw. Some of the enzymes in honey include amylase, invertase, the most notable enzyme in honey is glucose oxidase. This enzyme produces hydrogen peroxide which is part of honey's anti bacterial activity and contributes to its wound healing properties.

There are literally thousands of honey varieties from all corners of the globe. And, all honey varieties are unique because of the flowers and energy of the region where the bees gather the nectar. This expansive variety makes exploring the world of honey a fun, endless and rewarding treat. And I am always looking for a variety or two that truly stand out. Today most honey is produced by apiaries but being that bees are 'wild' animals I wondered if I could find any 'wild' honey. My prayer was answered and not only did I find wild honey but I found wild honey from a sacred source. I am proud that we here at Zebra Organics can now offer you a variety from the sacred Himalayan Mountain range and a variety from virgin forests of central India.

Raw Wild Honey
From wild beehives in virgin forests, this is certainly something you do not come across very often. This honey is sourced by tribes in central Indian's virgin forests an area far from the pollutants common in more developed areas. These virgin forests are also a source for many herbs used by Ayurveda healing practitioners. From these healing plants within this preserved environment comes this raw wild honey. The tribes who gather this honey are paid a fair price which allows them to maintain a traditional lifestyle and gather honey the way their ancestors have for centuries. Make no mistake there is a lot of care and attention that has gone into this product from the forest itself to the gathering, bottling and shipping. Every effort is made to ensure you receive a truly raw, nutritious and health promoting honey. The unique flowers of this honey provide for a unique variety of anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and anti oxidant compounds.

Anti Oxidant Power
Because normal body processes result in oxidative stress the human body naturally produces anti oxidant compounds. When honey is consumed on a daily basis the levels of anti oxidants in the blood increases.* This is promising because oxidative stress is the body rusting and to slow this process slows the aging process. Honey is a source for bioflavoniods, darker honeys like the wild forest variety contain more bioflavoniods.

The Himalayan mountain range has been held as sacred land for thousands of years. It is a place where yogis and mystics live and go to, to attain nirvana, enlightenment. To be able to offer you honey, a sacred food from a sacred mountain is an honor. The White Himalayan Honey we offer is a clear transparent honey sourced from the upper reaches of Kashmir near the border of Tibet. This extremely rare and exotic honey has a rich flavor profile that is almost not noticed at first and then opens up to a world of exquisitely sumptuous subtle flavors.

Honey and Wound Healing
Honey has been and can be used to speed the healing process of wounds. Honey's ability to heal wounds is found its way into the pharmaceutical market, there are now prescription only honey based wound care dressing available. Honey helps wounds heal because of its ability to draw moisture from the wound and the presence of anti bacterial compounds. These are just its natural properties.

Glycemic Index
Just some of the things I love about honey. Honey is a functional food bar none and it is magical. A sweet nectar produced by bees from flowers, a safe sweet nectar at that. Honey is composed of fructose and glucose two simple sugars which are easily digested and have a lower glycemic index than regular sugar. Honey has a glycemic index rating of 55 which puts it one point lower than medium on the glycemic index scale, 56-69 is considered medium. Experimental evidence suggests the body can tolerate honey better than either fructose or glucose separately.*

However you want to look at it honey is truly a special food, whether you want to use it as a sweetener or are looking to it for it potential health benefits, honey can find a place in any pantry. While all honey is unique and special I encourage you to try the wild varieties we offer. By purchasing these wild foods you are supporting the traditional honey foragers in maintaining their indigenous way of life which is in harmony with the environment.

*The information in this blog post is not medical advice and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*from research by biochemist Heidrun Gross and colleagues of UC, Davis
*International Symposium on Honey and Health 2008, Sacramento, CA.

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Seaweed for Health

At Zebra Organics we stock a variety of healthy foods and a favorite of ours is seaweed. These vegetables of the sea contain a wide range of nutrients not found as easily in land vegetables. The are fun to eat and add variety and nutrition to the diet.


Seaweed is a common food in Japanese cuisine, one the most popular varieties being Nori. One of the great benefits to consuming nori is that it contains an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fats nourish the skin as well as the brain and modulate cholesterol levels and inflammatory compounds the body produces. And, it is high in vitamin C, proteins and mineral salts.

Kelp and kombu are both members of the same plant family, with kelp often being referred to as "wild atlantic kombu". The main benefit of these sea vegetables is their rich content of minerals particularly iodine. They are both a natural source of this essential thyroid metabolism regulating mineral. This is the sea vegetable which is rich in the anti oxidant compound fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin assists the body with fat metabolism, thus it may aid with weight loss.

Dulse One of my personal favorites of the sea vegetable varieties is Dulse. Like nori, dulse can be eaten straight out of the package making a quick healthy snack. It is exceptionally tasty and contains many of the same benefits as other seaweeds: rich in minerals, protein dense, good source of iodine, healing and cleansing aliginate compounds. Its deep red color and soft texture make it a great addition to soups and salads.

Additional benefits of consuming sea vegetables is their ability to bind to heavy metals and radio active particles and safely help your body remove them. It is safe to say that nearly everyone can benefit from adding these miracles of the sea to their diet. To make that easier for our customers we are running a sale on all Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, now is a good time to stock up and save.

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Chef Jake Hopkins - creator of the Goji Bar, Organic Food Bar

Our very dear friend Chef Jacob Hopkins has been delighting taste buds for years.

Purchase Chef Jake's Earthling Organics organic food bars and breakfast cereal.

Chef Jake began to perfect his talents for uncooked cuisine in the year 2000 at Juliano’s Organica of San Francisco with, now Santa Monica based, world renown Chef Juliano. Jake then went on to study with New York City based Dr. David Jubb, Ph.D learning about blood formation, cell regeneration, digestion and the “Secrets of an Alkaline Body.”

Jake’s Unbaked began to take hold after Jake produced a recipe which he called the “Goji Bar.” The Goji Bar idea struck him when he returned to his car one hot summer's day to find his goji berries had warmed up and were sticking to some nuts. He tested his “Goji Bar” recipe on friends and was promptly encouraged to keep on making them... a whole new health bar was born.

Jake gave a bar to David Wolfe who said, “Make as many of these as you can!”, and so began Jake’s Unbaked, grown from a desire and passion for the finest, most nutritious foods that nature brings.

Jake was the first Raw/Live food chef to appear on the Food Network (see TV clip below) - when Randy Olsen put Jake on a show with himself & Giada De Laurentiis...

Jacob has worked with many celebrities and health seekers alike, developing a well-known and trusted reputation as a leader in the world of Raw/Live foods. Jake is a sweet spirit and we just love him!

Zebra Organics is proud to make available to you Chef Jake's organic food bars; Goji Bars, Rawnola Bars, Yogi Bars, Matcha Bars, and the new Rawnola Breakfast Cereal... to learn more or purchase these organic, healthy bars or cereal visit the Zebra Organics store!

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Golden Bean Raw Chocolate by High Integrity Foods

High Integrity Foods brings you Golden Bean, a sumptuously raw organic chocolate bar based on the harmonic principles of the golden mean spiral. Years of research and development as a raw food chef led Matt Samuelson into the sacred world of raw cacao. His time and efforts have produced this fine product. Matt only uses the finest raw ingredients for these hand crafted bars.

Chocolate is a noted antioxidant, chocolate contains high amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids both known to assist our health in many ways. Chocolate just may contain the highest concentration of antioxidants in food, with up to 10% antioxidants by weight. Raw chocolate is also a supplies an ample amount of vitamin C and minerals. Most notably magnesium and chromium, two minerals essential for healthy brain function and blood sugar balance.

Raw Agave nectar is the product of the agave desert plant, which secretes a thin sweet, low glycemic nectar. Agave contains more fructose than glucose, which imparts sweetness but nominally effects the bodies blood sugar balance. This combination of sweetness and low-glycemic index make it a perfect compliment to chocolate's health properties.

The bar is also seasoned with organic raw vanilla bean and himalayan salt which enhances the balance of flavors in the bar. There is also less than 1% of organic non-gmo soy lecithin, this enhances the creamy texture and smoothness of the bar.

This artful bar is bold with chocolate flavor yet smooth on the palate, take a bite and you know why chocolate is known as 'Food of the Gods'.

Click here to Purchase the Golden Bean Gourmet Raw Chocolate Bar

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