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The Healthy Living Series February Event

The Health Benefits of Fermented and Sprouted Foods

We are pleased to announce that raw food lover, natural foods entrepreneur and former science professor Michael Wangler will lead a workshop on the Health Benefits of Fermented and Sprouted Foods as part of The Healthy Living Series this month.

On Friday, February 27 between 6pm – 8pm  we invite you to join us at our Palm Springs facilities.

Guests will have the opportunity to sample Sky Island Organics fermented and sprouted foods, including olives, sauerkrauts, nuts, mixes, crunches, and crackers, as well as Ancient Alchemy Probiotic Teas.


Guests will learn:
– Why fermented foods are an amazing elixir for your digestion and GI tract.
– The process of sprouting foods to release physic acid and bitter alkaloids to enhance their natural sweetness and activate their living enzymes.
Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics invite you to come down and be inspired by the founder of Sky Island Organics, who began the company when dissatisfied with the quality of raw food products available and began crafting his own sprouted and cultured foods. For more information about Michael and Sky Island please visit skyislandorganics.com.
Everyone is welcome and all events in the series are free.
For more information on upcoming events Visit and subscribe to our blog. The Healthy Living fall – winter series will feature lectures by doctors and wellness practitioners, cooking classesdemos and film screenings. Events take place at:
Zebra Organics / Sky Island Organics
870 E Research Drive, Unit 6
Palm Springs, CA  92262We look forward to seeing you there,

The Team at Zebra Organics

Special Event on Friday, January 23rd

This week we welcome Forest Oneil, a spiritually oriented health enthusiast, for a special presentation at the Sky Island Organics / Zebra Organics center in Palm Springs, California.

Friday, January 23rd  
6pm – 8pm

Forest has several years of intense purification, study, and experimentation with diet under his belt. He will discuss the effects that different foods have on our consciousness and talk about how to learn to read energy in ourselves and our food. Forest tells us that in doing so, we can make meal time decisions aimed towards balancing our body-mind complex. Forest is part of the kitchen team here at the Sky Island Organics manufacturing facility.

Forest will offer an insight into Ayurveda, the world’s most ancient holistic health care system. Within this he will review the doshas, the gunas, the six food qualities and the six food tastes. Forest will prepare examples of these and offer an opportunity to experience the feel and taste of these foods. He will also talk about parasites in the body and how they affect our health, as well as the numerous benefits of fasting. 

The event is Free and Open to All – Sponsored by Sky Island Organics and Zebra Organics as a community educational program.

We hope to see you there.

Zebra Organics / Sky Island Organics
870 E Research Drive, Unit 6
Palm Springs, CA  92262

Healthy Living Series Kicked off With Raw Lifestyle Food Preparation Workshop

On Friday, November 14 we kicked off our Healthy Living Event Series with Joan Jackson of Living Raw. 

Hosted by Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics, the evening was a great success. Joan inspired the audience with some delicious raw food recipes, including a zucchini pasta in a flavourful tomato based sauce.Everyone enjoyed the evening, with a few guests accepting the invitation to come up and prepare some food, on their own, with Joan’s guidance.

Team members from both Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics were on hand to offer insights and support to the group.

Thank you to everyone that attended. Here are some highlights from the evening:


Joan preparing a raw tomato sauce
Audience members assisting Joan with the
preparation of zucchini noodles


Guests tasting Joan’s homemade granola


Note taking to remember ingredients and steps

Key ingredients for zucchini pasta:

Pistachios – Garnishing your pasta dish with pistachios diversifies the texture and provides a satisfying crunch. Sky Island Organics offers Organic Sprouted Pistachio kernels.

Olive oil – Tossing your zucchini pasta in Zebra Organic’s Gourmet Peruvian Olive Oil will add a rich flavour to the dish.

A tip from Joan: Use Organic Pitted Botija olives in your zucchini pasta recipe, for their super rich, delicious, full flavour.


Next month we will welcome Deanna Moore, the founder of Chocolatl, to present a chocolate workshop. The event will take place from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on December 5 at 870 E Research Drive, Unit 6, Palm Springs, California.

You can look forward to:

– Tasting different varieties of chocolate
– Learning about how chocolate is made, from tree to bar
– Learning about where cocao beans grow
– Experiencing a slideshow about chocolate history and culture
– Insights on the health benefits of chocolate
– Learning recipes using raw cacao

You can find out more about our Chocolatl products –here

We hope to see you then.

Blessings to all of you,
The Team at Zebra Organics

Our Healthy Living fall – winter free series will feature lectures by doctors and wellness practitioners, cooking classesdemos and film screenings

Plant-Strong and Healthy Living

Today’s dose of inspiration is
sourced from a Ted Talk by Rip Esselstyn, a plant-strong advocate that
triggered a change in the eating habits of his fellow firefighting crew at the
Austin Engine 2 station in Austin, Texas. 
Esselstyn supports plant-based diets for their impact on combatting chronic diseases and dramatically heal health. You can watch the Ted
Talk here:

Esselstyn describes the future health
of Americans as poor. According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and
Prevention) the percentage of adults aged 20 years and over who are obese is
35.1 per cent (2012). 50 per cent of Americans are expected to be diabetic or
pre-diabetic by 2020. Esselstyn challenged his team to
undertake a 28-day challenge of eating a plant-based diet, after discovering
the poor state of health of one of his colleagues. Of course giving up meat did proved challenging, as all the men had grown up eating animal products. Including fruits, vegetables, whole
grains, beans, nuts and seeds, the diet was to morph these individuals from
medical time bombs to healthy super heroes. And you know what? It worked.
Here’s why:

·     The team made health a habit. In the supportive environment of
their workplace, love, compassion, respect and admiration resonated with each
individual, as they nurtured one another during this difficult transitional

·    They developed routines.
Wholesome plant-based meals were shared for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The
team alternated who bought meals and who cooked and cleaned.

·   Esselstyn educated them. He discovered that there was a huge a
disconnect between what they thought was healthy and what wasn’t. He pointed
out that we are the only mammal on the planet that drinks another mammal’s
milk, highlighting the unnatural behaviour humans have become accustomed to.

·    They surrounded themselves with wholesome plant-based meals. If
you’re looking for some ideas, try spelt blueberry pancakes, quinoa and fruit
salad, oatmeal waffles with apple sauce, plant-strong pizzas, lentil oat loaf,
sweet potato lasagna and dark chocolate and oatmeal cookies.
According to Esselstyn, only 6 per
cent of calories ingested by Americans come from a plant-based diet. Wall
Street Journal’s Market Watch reported
on the rise of media outlets listed as flexitarians
in 2012, alluding to meatless and vegetarian meals. Esselstyn shares that 99 per cent of
food on the planet comes from plants and that a plant-strong diet is not about
deprivation but about the environment. Plant based health benefits include: 

–         Reducing risk of cancer
–         Reducing risk of
heart disease
–         Fighting diabetes
–         Curb obesity
–         Live longer
–         Reduce carbon
–         Minimize water
A whole food, plant-based diet provides you with all the protein you need, as well as iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. 

 If you’re wondering where your
protein is going to come from while adopting this diet, some great sources include legumes (beans,
lentils, peas), nut and nut butters (walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans,
macadamia, Brazil nuts), seeds and seed butters (chia, hemp, sesame, pumpkin,
sunflower), whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, oats) and vegetables (peas,
spinach and broccoli can contain up to 6g of protein per cup).

Zebra Organics and Sky Island Organics offer a selection of organic trail mixes.