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Superfoods and Supplements Helpful in Emergencies

Greetings health conscious readers, Hurricane Sandy has been a big wake up call for me in terms of preparedness. I am originally from the the NY area and there are many people close to me who were affected by the storm and its aftermath. Many did not expect to have their lives disrupted and few suspected the disruption would persist the way it has. But with wise proper planning we can make out lives much more comfortable in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Very Helpful Minerals to Have on Hand

Iodine, Salt and Silver:

Iodine helps strengthen, regulate and protect the thyroid and pineal

glandular secretions from harmful radiations. Iodine is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Of all Mother Earth's Minerals, Iodine also

exhibits the highest vibration.

Salt this is a key electrolyte, it is also useful for preserving foods. We recommend Himalayan salt as it contains a wide array of minerals not found in table salt.

Silver has regained respect as more people embrace natural ways to maintain their health and well-being. Similar

to Iodine, Silver is a potent natural antibiotic, shattering anaerobic bacteria because of its specific vibratory frequency-much like an opera singer's high note shatters a crystal glass. Unlike modern pharmaceutical antibiotics however, nature's remedy leaves helpful,

aerobic pro-biotic bacteria intact.

Superfoods to Keep Handy

Superfoods are nutrient dense and offer much in the way of add nutrition, foods to include are:


This is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Spirulina is rich in 70% protein by weight, contains bio available B12 & iron, high in dark pigment anti-oxidants and toxin binding

compounds that help eliminate radioactive compounds from the body.


Similar to spirulina, chlorella is a single cell algae, that is rich in proteins and dark pigment anti oxidants. Chlorella is known to rapidly

aid in repairing tissue and DNA/RNAdue to the presence of

Chlorella Growth Factor, a unique component to chlorella. CGF is a combination of proteins, peptides and vitamins. Among these compounds is a heavy metal binding protein molecule, which is useful for binding

to and clearing mercury from the body.

Goji Berrries:
Goji berries contain an array of nutrients including vitamins and minerals. But beyond this goji berries are a superior tonic and can help to bring balance to the body. They are a yin tonic and help to keep the body moist and support fluid production.

Other Items to Keep Handy:

  • Water - I even suggest a water filter like the ones used for backcountry camping.
  • Canned Foods
  • Propane stove and extra propane
  • Candles, lighters, waterproof matches
  • Batteries
  • LED flashlights
  • Dried foods such as oats, rice lentils - store these in air tight five gallon buckets
  • First Aid supplies
Water filters are available from REI and you can purchase five gallon buckets from Home Depot.

Rescue Remedy:

In stressful situations it is import to remain clear headed and grounded. Your mental clarity is your best asset in times of stress and upheaval. To help you remain calm and balanced consider keeping the Bach formula Rescue Remedy on hand. This special flower essence formula was designed for times when stress and trauma throws us off balance. It will help you to stay grounded, centered and non-reactionary in times of crisis. You can purchase
Rescue Remedyformula from

Please consider these helpful hints and check with your local Red Cross for other suggestions. Wishing you the best, in safety, Zebra Organics.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D'Aquila, flower essence practitioner,

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What ever happened to Adult Onset Diabetes?

It was a term once used to indicate that an adult had acquired diabetes, as opposed to those born with the condition. My dad was diagnosed with Type II Adult Onset Diabetes in the early 80's. It also had another name then, non-insulin dependant diabetes and back then it was unheard of for children or young adults to have diabetes. Hence the name Adult onset, my dad was 45 at the time and a lifetime of cakes and Italian pastries had caught to him and left its mark. The doctor suggested exercise, a change of diet and give him some blue pill, not insulin.Caused By a Problem? I say all this to indicate a change in history, a change in language and a change in how we view this condition. Type 2 Diabetes is a self inflicted condition(note I consider it to be self inflicted), to paraphrase a popular medical website 'caused by a problem in the way your body makes or uses insulin'. Lets see how modern medicine goes about wording things, "caused by a problem" most dis-orders are caused by a problem. But very little has been said.* And the Problem Is?

The way "your body makes or uses insulin" . . . getting closer. And, I must say I am amazed the pancreas isn't mentioned. Now lets think what could effect the making and or using of insulin? Could it be REFINED SUGAR, that highly addictive substance with no nutritional value, that is known to cause a rapid spike in blood sugar?

Is it the food we eat? Being that diabetes is a blood sugar issue, I suggest a good look at sugar consumption. This may be influencing our health and

folks you don't need a degree to know there is a glut of garbage that is currently masquerading as food. These food products come from factories are loaded with sugar, fat and tons of artificial crap and they are cleverly marketed and widely distributed.

What Should You Eat? I certainly do not want to tell you what to eat. I have no idea what you need but I can tell you there is a ton of available information on this site and else where regarding nutrition. I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist. But I have a passion for food, quality food, organic food and this passion goes back at least 17 years, nearly half my life. What did they eat?

I once worked in a health food store, it was when health food stores were small and rather obscure, when organic food was less popular and small independent companies made up the industry. The health food crowd back then was definitely a wild bunch and the community feel of the store lent itself to open dialogue. Like the lady who told me she kept cancer at bay by following a strict macrobiotic diet. She would always bring me daikon and burdock from her garden. And, the other lady who kept cancer at bay by using Cat's Claw, a herb practically unheard of in 1996.


But I want to talk about the guy with type 2 diabetes, forgive me as the names escape me for it has been close to 20 years. But the guy with diabetes would eat 2-3 tablespoons of Spirulina a day! Spirulina was rare back then, it was available but certainly not widely available like it is now and I was curious because my dad has diabetes and I wanted to know what could help. He said 2-3 tablespoons of Spirulina a day, regular exercise, no refined white sugar and a clean diet of veggies, protein and complex carbs was his solution.


So here was an answer for this guy, I have since heard similar reports and success stories. The body and organs can function properly when they are given quality fuel. Excess refined sugar will cause an imbalance or as "they" like to say a problem. Hum but I just made a correlation that seems elusive, excess sugar causing a problem, just a theory. And, the answer is make up your own mind and if you need some Spirulina get it from you local store. Actually that store is gone and now I work with another small health retailer Zebra Organics, where of course you can get your Spirulina.

We actually supply quite a few Spirulina products and I suggest visiting our page and having a look and if this is your first visit, sign up for the newsletter and receive 10% off your first order.

*This blog post is intended for entertainment purposes only, it is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you have diabetes or any other disease seek the help of a medical doctor.

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A Healthy 2012

Add More Greens to Your Diet
It is the new year a time when many people resolve to get healthy and make changes to their diet. We fully support the positive changes people wish to make; especially when it comes to cleaning up their diet and exercising more. Because lets face it without these two factors supplements, pills and powders just aren't going to give you the results you are looking for.
Along with a healthy diet and exercise certain supplements and herbs can give you the extra nudge with achieving your health and fitness goals. One really simple thing you can do that will make significant changes over the long term is to add more plants to your diet. Specifically add more leafy green plants to your diet. Do this everyday for a year and you will see and feel the changes it makes in your life. Try spinach, kale, broccoli, brussle sprouts, collards, lettuce and fresh green herbs like parsley and cilantro. After doing this if you still want support go for it. Below is a list of a few key supplements that will support your health and fitness goals.

Yerba Mate
This hardy South American wonder tea has been used for centuries to help control hunger and nourish the body. On top of that it also boost metabolism helping the body to burn fat. Yerba mate is a well known appetite suppressant and it is also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Yerba mate has been used as a tea by natives of South America for centuries, where it is still widely consumed and sometimes referred to as a liquid vegetable. So if you need an extra boost in the morning skip the coffee and go for Yerba Mate. It will not only give you the boost of coffee but the nutrition of vegetables. It is available in loose for or in tea bags.

Vitamineral Green
This powerhouse supplement contains more nutrient dense foods than you can shake a stick at. Over the years green supplement powders have become popular because they are highly nutritious, low in calories, regulate blood sugar and they are convenient and easy to use. Simply mix Vitamineral Green into water or juice and you've transformed it into a wonder health drink.

Salad Booster
Give a boost to your salads with Living Intentions "Salad Booster" a smart product containing a variety of raw and sprouted nuts, seeds and nutrient dense superfoods. This product is a tasty way to increase nutrient intake with just a few shakes. Salad booster is easy to use, portable and tastes good, besides the sprouted nuts and seeds it also contains spirulina and chlorella.

Hemp Seeds
Nutty and delicious, Hemp seeds add protein, healthy fats and vitamin E to your diet, they are fun to eat and easy to incorporate. Simply sprinkle them onto salads, grain dishes or add to a smoothie. Hemp Seeds are a good source of digestible protein. They are 33% protein by weight and contain all 8 essential amino acids. They are also a great source of vegetable based omega 3 fatty acids.

Superfood Smoothie Mix
With eight potent, organic superfood ingredients, this is one of the most powerful sources of nutrition available! It’s incredibly rich in complete protein, cell-protecting antioxidants, heart-healthy omega 3s, cholesterol-balancing phytosterols, and an array of immunity-supporting bioflavonoids, minerals and natural vitamins. Superfood Smoothie Mix contains hemp, maca, acai, mesquite, lucuma and goji berry extract.
Health is not a complicated formula, all it requires is some simple changes to diet, activity levels and managing stress in a balance way. Add to this a few key supplements because they offer concentrated nutrition thus boosting vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant intake without much effort. We are here to support you by offering you a selection of hand picked top quality products and valuable information.

All the Best and Happy New Year to you and yours!

From the Zebra Organics team

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Heavy Metal and Radiation Cleansing

I am posting this to bring added awareness to what is already present. This post is meant to inform and educate not incite anxiety.

It is not uncommon to encounter heavy metals and radiation in our daily life. Our body is an amazing organism that is keen on maintaining balance under all circumstances, including in the presence of heavy metals and radiation.

Our bodies produce some of the most potent anti-oxidants in world. These compounds work to negate and support the cleansing of toxins, pollutants and free radicals. And, the body could always use some extra support in its mission to keep our body and blood clean. If you want to support your body in its mission of cleansing heavy metals and radiation consider supplementing you diet with the following five food nutrients.

  1. Spirulina
  2. Chlorella
  3. Sea Veggies
  4. Cilantro
  5. Kidney Complex by Premier Research Labs
This is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Spirulina is rich in 70% protein by weight, contains bio available B12 & iron, high in dark pigment anti-oxidants and toxin binding compounds that help eliminate radioactive compounds from the body.

Similar to spirulina, chlorella is a single cell algae, that is rich in proteins and dark pigment anti oxidants. Chlorella is known to rapidly aid in repairing tissue and DNA/RNAdue to the presence of Chlorella Growth Factor, a unique component to chlorella. CGF is a combination of proteins, peptides and vitamins. Among these compounds is a heavy metal binding protein molecule, which is useful for binding to and clearing mercury from the body.

Sea Vegetables:
Another valuable nutrient dense food from the waters, sea vegetables contain alginates. These compounds which are naturally found in sea vegetables act as an absorbent and are particularly effective in absorbing lead and cadmium.

This common herb is extremely effective at cleaning heavy metals from the body. It works especially well to clean mercury from the body. The best and easiest way to get these benefits is to consume the herb in its fresh state. A few tablespoons a day in conjunction with a detox program to ensure the loosened metals are flushed from the body.

Kidney Complex by Premier Research Labs:
The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood. As such they will be one of the organs most effected by heavy metals and radiation. This supplement acts to support the kidneys while you are cleansing or it can be used as a general tonic to support kidney function.

At Zebra Organics we strive to bring you a range of quality products from trusted sources. We stock a range of products from the ones listed above. Of particular interest is the Spirulina/Chlorella combination tablets are powerful, convenient and easy to use. And, they are on sale for $22.95 for 1,000 tablets!

You can browse the range of sea vegetables we offer by following this link.

And to purchase Premier Research Labs Kidney Complex visit this link.

As for the cilantro use fresh organic and/or garden grown cilantro.

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