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Bone Broth Recipe (with Vegetarian Broth Option)

Bone broth is not only a popular base for soups and stews, but also reductions, sauces and braising meats and vegetables. It is primarily made from bones and connective tissue of fish or animals. If you've never tried it, you'll discover its versatility - you can use it in any dish that calls for almost any vegetable or meat to be cooked in liquid. It's flavourful and you can even drink it straight.

Bone broths are simple to prepare at home and are inexpensive (the cost of bones is usually under $2/lb).

Broth has always been considered a healing food, especially if you consider the tradition of eating chicken soup when you're sick with a cold - Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen

Popular Stock Method of Cooking Broth

Bone broth needs to be slow cooked to allow for the release of nutrients from the bones. If you don’t have a slow cooker or pressure cooker, you can make bone broth the way your grandmother or great grandmother would have done it: in a regular stainless steel stock pot. Use the largest pot on hand to make a big batch and freeze for later.

Depending on which bones you choose, you’ll have to simmer for different lengths of time:

Beef, pork or lamb: 48 hours

Chicken or Turkey: 24 hours

Fish: 8 hours


  • Grass fed, quality bones: as little or as many as you wish—2 lbs is a good starting point, either frozen or thawed
  • Filtered water
  • 1–2 tbsp Organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • Stainless steel stock pot

1. Place your bones (at least 2 lbs) in the stock pot with 1–2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

2. Cover with filtered water leaving an inch of room at the top 3. Place the pot on high heat until boiling 4. Upon boiling, switch to low heat and simmer for the recommended time depending on type of bones as mentioned above. You can skim the foam/ impurities at the top as it’s simmering 5. Allow it to cool and store. When it cools you may notice a layer of fat at the top, which you can choose to remove and discard 6. Enjoy, use it in a recipe, or store for later


  • Seasoning can be done towards the end of cook time. Fresh herbs, spices and onions can be added in the last 10 minutes.
  • Do not add any salt to the broth itself. If you're planning to reduce the broth to make soups or sauces, you may end up with a high salt content. Salt should only be added to the finished product, not the broth.
  • Once your broth is cooked, place the pot into a sink of cold water to allow it to cool quickly, to reduce bacterial growth. You can keep broth in the fridge for one week. Be sure to note its smell - it will need re-boiling if it smells off.
Vegetarian option

Vegetable peels will be the base of your soup instead of animal bones if you're vegetarian. Collect all organic vegetable peels and freeze them. To learn how to make a hearty vegetable soup with vegetable broth, see Dylan Stein Acupuncture's post "A vegetarian version of bone broth".

The popularity of bone broth has spiked in the past few years. There is an abundance of media coverage filled with its purported health benefits. The truth is there's little evidence to support those claims. Researchers from Harvard Medical School have addressed some of these claims. See "What’s the scoop on bone soup?" for further details.

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Why Veganism isn’t crazy

What does being vegan entail?

Removing dairy, meat, seafood and eggs from your diet.

It is the start of a new lifestyle, not just a new diet. An abundance of vegan options exist to cater to the world’s meatless population. Vegan dishes don’t have to lack texture and flavour. Many restaurants are

riding the vegan wave and offering alternatives for their consumers.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle is not easy but it feels good.

Top 5 reasons to go vegan:
  • Unlike fad diets that leave you feeling tired, going vegan leaves you feeling energized and is a healthy way to keep excess fat off.
  • It decreases your likeliness to develop cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Vegan food is tasty. Meat and dairy

    product alternatives are more creative than ever and there are plenty of great

    vegan recipes out there.
  • It’s a ‘green’ diet. Meat consumption is wasteful and causes pollution.
  • Not not eating meat, eggs and dairy products is the best way to save our animals.

How to start your day as a vegan

Tim Shieff, a former World Freerunning Champion, animal rights activist and vegan has put together an entertaining video on vegan breakfast


In a world where there is no shortage of processed food options, it is important to acknowledge our abundance of raw foods and recognize that

there are a lot of fantastic, flavourful meal options for vegans.

Shieff proposes oats with raisins and cinnamon for breakfast with almond milk. A fruit salad with pineapple will be detoxing and hydrating.

Vegetable juices with spinach, celery, pear and carrot are loaded with vitamins.

You can watch Shieff’s YouTube video here – How to be vegan

A vegan experiment in the workplace – Oprah’s Vegan Challenge

In March this year Oprah and 378 staff members conducted a radical experiment;

they went vegan for one week. Best selling author of Veganist, Kathy Freston,

led the challenge and assured the team that they weren’t going to starve. A variety of vegan

options were added to the staff cafeteria menu.

Some people were cranky, some never felt better and some had more energy. Some were weak and cheated, sneaking in some eggs or meat but overall the challenge seemed

to be well received.

If you are considering a vegan lifestyle, forming a support group with like-minded individuals may be more motivating and encouraging and may keep you from retorting back into old eating habits.

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Free Raw Food Class - Saturday, August 27th at ACE Hotel Palm Springs

If you happen to be in Palm Springs this Saturday, August 27th Zebra Organics will be giving a free Raw Food class at the ACE Hotel.

The class lasts just one hour, following the morning yoga. Date: Saturday, August 27th Time: One Hour from 11AM to 12 Noon Location: ACE Hotel Palm Springs - Club House, Main Pool

Come learn to make Green Healing Soup and taste what we create together. This is part of the ACE Hotel's Wellness Series... we love the ACE!

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