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Ascorbic Acid -vs- Food Based Vitamin C

The Importance of Vitamin C

Supplementing your diet with Vitamin C is vital because it is one vitamin that our bodies do not produce. And without adequate supplies of Vitamin C we become susceptible to scurvy, though scurvy is unheard of now a days. But, it did bring to light the importance of Vitamin C in the human diet.

The Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA for Vitamin C is 60 mg a day. This RDA of 60mg a day is the minimum you need each day so you don't get scurvy. You can easily exceed the RDA and still gain massive health benefits. When considering vitamin it is important to note that there is the normal dosage and what is known as therapeutic doses, which are higher than the normal dose. Therapeutic doses will benefit us most when our bodies are in need of extra nutrition, such as when we are sick or recovering from illness.

Ascorbic Acid -vs- Food Based Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid and Vitamin C are often used in the same breath. While ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, Vitamin C is much more than ascorbic acid. For the human body to full recognize and utilize ascorbic acid there needs to be a host of co-factors. These co-factors are known as bio flavonoids. When you find Vitamin C in nature you find it with an array of co-factors. Ascorbic acid is an isolated form of Vitamin C and is unheard of in nature. When nutrients are isolated it is harder for the body to recognize as food. Because until the dawn of modern supplements the body never received Vitamin C as the isolated form of ascorbic acid. They were always accompanied by flavonoids such as:
  • Quercitin
  • Rutin
  • Hesperidin
But, many vitamin companies have taken steps to remedy this by producing whole food Vitamin C supplements. And, Premier Research Labs is one of them, they offer a well rounded Vitamin C which includes:
  • Camu Camu
  • Noni
  • Rosehips
  • Carrot
  • Olive Leaf
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Parsley
  • Acerola Cherry
  • and Blue Green Algae to name a few . . .
One look at these amazing ingredients and you will see why this food based Vitamin C out does conventional Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C and Human Health

We all have heard that Vitamin C is important but what for? Here are a few reasons why . . .
Vitamin C is essential to connective tissue health, function and repair, it works in synergy with collagen to support connective tissue. Vitamin C also helps to synthesize L Carnitine and certain neuro transmitters. This makes it especially helpful for wound healing as well as muscle repair, so if you are very athletic consider supplementing with Vitamin C. It also supports heart health, one of the largest muscles in the body. Vitamin C also supports capillary strength including blood vessels, this action also makes it an important component in wound healing.

And then there is immune health and the free radical scavenging powers of Vitamin C. It should be noted again that the best results will be obtained when flavonoids are present. Because flavonoids have there own anti-oxidant powers, another reason to stick to food based Vitamin C products. Vitamin C has been found to stimulate immune system cells which make it a good cold season supplement. It has also been found to work with interferon, a protein which as anti viral properties. Vitamin C also has the ability to regenerate other anti oxidants particularly Vitamin E.

Vitamin C is one of our most important dietary nutrients it is water soluble and needs to be obtained from food and supplementation. And, Premier Research Labs has gone to great lengths to design a whole food supplement the provides comprehensive nutrition and anti oxidant protection. So keep your self well armed this winter, keep your Vitamin C intake up by eating plenty of citrus and raw vegetables. And for extra therapeutic benefits supplement with Vitamin C.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D'Aquila, flower essence practitioner,

FDA Disclaimer: This product or these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you have a medical condition you need to seek qualified licensed medical


More Vitamin C info

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Food Source Vitamin C

The Importance of Truly Natural Vitamin C

Is all vitamin C is created equal? The simple and true answer is a resounding "NO". Is something made in a factory/lab the same as something that grows on trees? "NO". It pales in comparison. Man made vitamins are limited in their scope because they are not backed by and supported by the concert of nutrients found in nature and in fruits. And in this case the Acerola Cherry which is what Truly Natural Vitamin C™is made of.

If you were to buy a Vitamin C tablet at the drug store you would be buying a lab made ascorbic acid powder. Now ascorbic acid is only a part of Vitamin C, not the whole picture. Now say if you were to eat a handful of Acerola cherries or peel an orange you would be getting ascorbic acid along with hundreds of other co-factors which all work in synergy to give you a well balanced Vitamin C compound. This complex is not easily replicated in a lab. That is because when it is found in nature it is naturally balanced.

Isolated Nutrients -vs- Whole Food Complexes

The main issue with isolated nutrients commonly found in vitamins on store shelves is that they are not balanced. And, when we ingest these unbalanced compounds we contributing to a body out of balance. Your body does not recognize isolated nutrients as nutrients because they never come that way from nature. You would never find ascorbic acid all on its own in a fruit or food, you would find it in concert with quercitin, rutin and other bioflavoniods. This is because these other compounds are needed for the full and proper absorption of Vitamin C.

So when you buy Truly Natural Vitamin C™ you are getting a supplement that contains naturally occurring Vitamin C in a

powdered form. That is non-toxic in low or high dosages, highly absorbable, and therefore is rarely excreted through your urine. And it has all of the naturally occurring elements synergistically present and bonded (including naturally occurring bioflavonoids) because it is 100%

food (100% Acerola Cherry Powder). Truly Natural Vitamin C™ is truly a well balanced and pleasant tasting food supplement that is easy to use worth adding to your daily diet.

And not only is this product really good for you it is also on sale, a 6 ounce jar normally retails for $17.86 but you can now buy it for $14.29 a savings of over $3.00 over normal retail. We could all use a little more Vitamin C in our lives so why not get from a food source like Truly Natural Vitamin C™.

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MSM Lotion

Winter and Dry Skin
These two go hand in hand, winter tends to be a dry season, combined with indoor heat this can lead to a rapid loss of moisture from the epidermis. There are some very practical things we can do to help keep our skin moist and supple; hydrate, increase you consumption of healthy fats such as coconut, olive and hemp. On top of all this you want to keep the barrier that is your skin supplied with rich botanical and healthy nutrients.


Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, is a form of highly bio-available sulfur, sulfur is referred to as the "Beauty Mineral" by the health enthusiast David Wolfe. Sulfur is used by the skin for its regenerative capacities helping in the formation of new skin cells. Sulfur can also address skin conditions such as dandruff, dermatitis, acne and more. MSM is a form of easily available sulfur, that is helpful for the skin, joints and connective tissue.

The best way to guarantee that you are getting enough sulfur in you diet is to supplement with MSM. MSM works in synergy with Vitamin C so use these supplements together. Your best vitamin C option is a food based supplement because they are buffered and contain the natural bioflavonoids common in food sources of vitamin C.

MSM Lotion
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/lotion-s-8.jpg" border="0" alt="Botanical Hand & Body Lotion with MSM, Soignée, 8 fl oz" title=" Botanical Hand & Body Lotion with MSM, Soignée, 8 fl oz " width="20.1990632319" height="75" hspace="5" vspace="5"></a>
The skin is the largest organ of the body and this barrier transfers much moisture. To support this barrier, our skin, it is important to keep it nourished and properly moistened. Our lotion is pure, natural and contains MSM, Vitamins A, C, and E, which are powerful antioxidants that help combat the damaging effects the environment can have on the skin. MSM has also been found to reduce pain in carpel tunnel syndrome, reduce scars, restore elasticity to the skin and eliminate chafing. MSM Lotion leaves your skin soft, hydrated, smooth and is hypoallergenic. All ingredients are vegan and from ecological sustainable sources. No alcohol, chemicals, solvent, methyoalcohol, paraben, or animal products. Never tested on animals.
Our lotion comes in two sizes 8oz and 32oz.

Zebra Organics stocks a full selection of MSM products including powders, capsules and lotions. Consider adding MSM to you diet and definitely consider the lotion as a support for healthy skin.

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Seaweed for Health

At Zebra Organics we stock a variety of healthy foods and a favorite of ours is seaweed. These vegetables of the sea contain a wide range of nutrients not found as easily in land vegetables. The are fun to eat and add variety and nutrition to the diet.


Seaweed is a common food in Japanese cuisine, one the most popular varieties being Nori. One of the great benefits to consuming nori is that it contains an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fats nourish the skin as well as the brain and modulate cholesterol levels and inflammatory compounds the body produces. And, it is high in vitamin C, proteins and mineral salts.

Kelp and kombu are both members of the same plant family, with kelp often being referred to as "wild atlantic kombu". The main benefit of these sea vegetables is their rich content of minerals particularly iodine. They are both a natural source of this essential thyroid metabolism regulating mineral. This is the sea vegetable which is rich in the anti oxidant compound fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin assists the body with fat metabolism, thus it may aid with weight loss.

Dulse One of my personal favorites of the sea vegetable varieties is Dulse. Like nori, dulse can be eaten straight out of the package making a quick healthy snack. It is exceptionally tasty and contains many of the same benefits as other seaweeds: rich in minerals, protein dense, good source of iodine, healing and cleansing aliginate compounds. Its deep red color and soft texture make it a great addition to soups and salads.

Additional benefits of consuming sea vegetables is their ability to bind to heavy metals and radio active particles and safely help your body remove them. It is safe to say that nearly everyone can benefit from adding these miracles of the sea to their diet. To make that easier for our customers we are running a sale on all Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, now is a good time to stock up and save.

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Camu Camu to the Rescue!

EAT WILD FOOD! Try and make this a mantra and an action, you will feel the difference as the cells of your body drink in the vibrancy that comes from non-domesticated food sources. At one time wild foods were all that we ate. Now we are lucky if we get a fraction of a percent of wild foods in our diet.

Zebra Organics is proud to offer a high quality Camu Camu at super price. We have an 8 ounce bag for 30% off normal retail price.

Camu Camu to the Rescue!
Luckily the raw/live food movement has sparked a revolution that has also brought many new and exotic wild foods to our table from around the world. Among these noble foods Camu Camu stands out in particular, due to its vibrancy and the amazingly high amount of Vitamin C it contains.

Rich in Vitamin C and Co-Factors
The form of vitamin C found in camu camu is highly absorbable by the body. It also is rich in vitamin C co-factors which aid the body in using Vitamin C. Commercially available vitamin C tablets and powders are made in a lab. They usually contain only ascorbic acid which is a simplified version of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid lacks the co-factors of food based vitamin C and is not recognized by the body as a food or nutrient.

The additional antioxidant compounds found in camu camu benefit the immune system, skin and eyes. Eye strain is particularly an issue as more and more people are on computers and other electronic devices for hours at a time. The anthocyanins in camu camu, keep the capillaries of the eyes strong and healthy and they also benefit the skin helping it to stay supple.

Winter Immune Support
This enlivening and fun Amazon superfood is tart and tangy and full of antioxidants to keep you feeling healthy and strong. Winter is approaching and it would be wise to keep the body and pantry well supplied with this amazing little berry. Camu camu is available in powder form, which makes it easy to add to smoothies, stir into juice or add to food. Camu camu is also rich in minerals, amino acids, B vitamins and phytonutrients.

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What the Heck are Goldenberries . . . ?

Besides being tart, sweet and loaded with bioflavonoids goldenberries are a lot of fun to eat. Goldenberries also known as Incan berries are sourced from Peru. Where they were and are still enjoyed by the native population. Goldenberries are a close relative of the tomatillo and is known as Cape Gooseberry. The goldenberry is not a true gooseberry though, it is a member of the Solanceae family which includes ashwaganda and goji berries.

What are bioflavonoids you might be wondering . . Theyare co-factors to Vitamin C. they help the body to absorb and utilize vitamin C. They also have their own health benefits to impart which include strengthening capillaries, improving eyesight and enhancing the function of connective tissue. They nurture the skin and support the body during allergy season, as they naturally inhibit histamine.

Dr. Oz
Goldenberries are also high in protein which is uncommon for berries, 16% protein by weight. They are also rich in phosphorus and Vitamin A. They are also rich in B complex vitamins and according to Dr Oz, eating a 1/4 cup of goldenberries each day will improve your waistline. Dr. Oz calls it a belly fat blaster, we agree with Dr. Oz and his recommendation to consume golden berries. And, we want to ensure our customers know that we believe in taking a multi pronged approach to losing weight will give you the best results. We are grateful to Dr. Oz for bringing awareness to this wonderful food. When you visit our store consider stocking up on goldenberries, greenfoods and a healthy protein based meal replacement to aid your weight goals.

Enjoy our heirloom Goldenberries by Essential Living Foods they are raw, organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free and flavor packed. Our new crop for 2012 is fresh, plump and delicious.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D'Aquila, flower essence practitioner,

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