What is Maquai Berry Good For?

This special little berry from the tip of South America is not a new comer though you may have never heard about. Or maybe you are now just be hearing about it and wondering if the claims add up . . .?

Much like Acai, Maqui is a dark pigment high anti-oxidant superberry from South America. The dark pigments in Maqui are what make it special and what sets it apart from the rest. These dark pigment compounds are known as Anthocyanins, they are found in a variety of fruits from blueberries to grapes to acai and of course Maqui. The difference between Maqui and the others is the sheer quantity of Anthocyanins that it contains. It is simply off the charts when compared to other fruits.

Antioxidants, Pigments and Your Health 

So what do the compounds in Maqui actually do for me? Reports claim that the anti-oxidnat compounds in Maqui improve energy levels, skin texture and inflammation response. One thing to keep in mind is all this is subjective but one fact remains, the compounds in Maqui are potent and quite concentrated. So with that in mind lets review the what and why Maqui has received so much positive feedback. 
Ultra High Levels of Antioxidants: Berries being dark pigmented are known for their high levels of anti-oxidants but in ORAC tests, the tests that measure antioxidant levels, Maqui is far above the rest. Acai has a high score of 185 on the test and Maqui comes in at a whopping 616! This high concentration of anti oxidant potential can be one reason people are feeling so good when they take it. Because most people are getting no where near this level of anti oxidant protection from other foods in their diet. A high level of anti oxidant consumption is known to promote skin health and provide skin sun protection. 
Pigments: Anthocyanins are flavoniod pigment compounds and flavoniods have been linked to anti-inflammatory activity in the body. Inflammation is as simple as minor aches and pains to major problems like arthritis. Just by simply reducing inflammation in the body we generally feel better because those minor ache are no longer nagging. 

A Unique Blue
One way I judge the merits of superfruits is by their coloring because it is a marker signifying their unique properties. And, Maqui has a distinct color signature. After finishing a glass of Maqui mixed with water I filed the glass with more water to get the last of the powder still in the glass. As the water sat for a few minutes it turned a gorgeous lite blue/purple color. Blue is a rare pigment to find in nature and I feel the specialness of Maqui’s blue pigment is part of what makes it so great.

While I do not believe in magic bullets because there is no such thing as a magic bullet, Maqui does add up in its potential to bring a greater quality of health to those who use it. Like some people you may notice an immediate shift but if you are already healthy you may only notice a minor shift.  Maqui is powerful and the power of Maqui may be due to the fact that it is a wild grown and harvested food. Which means its genetics have not been altered by man. Most if not all of the food we consume today has been altered by humans and has been severely domesticated. And Maqui grows in a very wild place Patagonia at the tip of South America. 
I do feel you can benefit from adding this super berry to your smoothie because anyway you slice it you will only find good stuff and the anecdotal reports seem quite positive for the most part. Some are dramatic and others less so, like anything you need to be consistent when it comes to health. So go ahead and add a spoonful of Maqui to your smoothies and harness some of the wild energy of this berry, its pigments and the vibration of the land where it grows. 
This tasty berry comes as a freeze dried powder, when you open the package you will be greeted by a deep purple crystal looking powder with a tart aroma.  
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