What is so special about Raw Cacao?

Have you ever wondered what is so special about raw chocolate?

Isn’t raw chocolate just like regular chocolate? The answer is “No”! Raw Chocolate is a superfood par excellence and its  anti-oxidant quantity far exceeds that of cooked/conventional chocolate

About 8 years ago there was a big stir in the raw food world when Davide Wolfe, a big raw chocolate fan, tried his first raw cacao smoothie. This was in Maui and since David began introducing the world to raw chocolate the world has not been the same.

There is something extra special about Chocolate and if you’ve ever had a raw chocolate fruit you know. There is magic in those chocolate pods. Fresh chocolate beans have a distinct violet color, which is very uncommon in foods. The uncommon nature of chocolate is also reflected in its ultra high anti-oxidant content.

Many years ago when raw chocolate was just hitting the stores, I was working for Nature’s First Law. As part of the early team of raw chocolate pioneers, I conducted a lot of research into the health benefits of this super food. And, one of the most astounding facts I continued to come across was that Chocolate is an Amazing Anti-Oxidant.

Chocolate Anti-Oxidant
Yes, it is true, Chocolate is ranked #1 in anti-oxidant flavoniod compounds. Chocolate has more anti oxidants per capita than any other food! The anti oxidants in chocolate account for up to nearly 10% of its total content. That means chocolate is about 10% anti-oxidant, this is a staggering percentage, something that is rarely encountered in a food. Early on in my research I learned that the milk fats used in making certain chocolate inhibit the anti oxidant capacity of chocolate. This early research I came across was all conducted with regular cooked chocolate. They had yet to discover the powers of chocolate in the raw. The antioxidant compounds found in unprocessed chocolate include heart healthy phenols, of which chocolate seems to have the most.  

Further investigation into the world of chocolate and health reveals what most of you can intuit. That is the less processed chocolate is the better it is for you. So as processing increases health benefits decrease. At the very top of the list would be fresh raw chocolate straight from the jungle, next would be raw chocolate beans and nibs and next on the list would be raw chocolate powder.


Chocolate is often associated with love and comes in heart shaped boxes, this interesting correlation pairs well with modern research. Which has noted that the anit-oxidants in chocolate are particularly good for the heart. The compounds in chocolate help to reduced blood pressure and have a positive effect on cholesterol. Now you can enjoy the heart loving benefits of chocolate in its most pure raw form when you choose either the raw nibs or raw cacao powder.

This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D’Aquila, flower essence practitioner, www.essencealchemy.com