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Fire Cider, Unsweetened, Half Gallon, 64 oz

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Fire Cider, Unsweetened, Half Gallon, 64 oz

Unsweetened Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic with Herbs.

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Apple Cider Vinegar with Organic Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs.

Fire Cider is an amazing and uplifting tonic shot. In a base of certified organic apple cider vinegar, they have added whole, raw, certified organic oranges, horseradish, lemons, onions, ginger, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric. The process is to let this mixture steep for 6 weeks at room temperature, to preserve the living vinegar culture and body of flavors of the ingredients. Fire Cider is also available in an a form sweetened by honey.



Apple Cider Vinegar*, Oranges*, Lemons*, Onions*, Ginger*, Horseradish*, Garlic*, Turmeric*, Habanero Pepper*.

*Certified Organic ingredient

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