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Fire Cider

Fire cider was created generations ago and is still made in clutures around the world. We have all heard that drinking raw apple cider vinegar is good for our health.  The fondation of any fire cider recipe is apple cider vinegar.  There are numberous classas held around the county each year that teach how to make fire cider.  Find a class near you and learn the long standing tradition of the art of making fire cider  There are a varity of local artisans and small companies that offer fire cider for sale in some areas. 

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Any fire cider uses apple cider vinegar as the core ingrediant, adding whole raw fruits and peppers such as lemons, oranges, ginger, horseradish, often Jalipino or Korenan peppers, garlic, and always a good raw honey, along with other vaired spices and herbs.