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Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables was founded in 1971 by Linette and Shep Erhart in Franklin, Maine. Word quickly spread around the surrounding area about their delicious discoveries.

Maine Coast went from producing 200 pounds in 1971, to around 40 people harvesting around 100,000 pounds of each sea vegetable annually. They offer 8 certified organic North Atlantic varietes: alaria, dulse, laver, sea lettuce, Irish moss, rockweed, and bladderwrack. The sea vegetables are harvested at low tides and sun, wood forced hot air dried, some are milled and then they are packaged. Their mission is to provide excellent quality North Atlantic sea vegetables that are easy to consume, and supported by reliable information. They hope to build long relationships with their customers, suppliers, employees and of course the environment. They practice sustainable harvesting, leaving more than they harvest. They are enthusiastic and passionate about the rediscovery of this ancient food source from the ocean.