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New Chapter

Paul and Barbi Schulick founded New Chapter in 1982. The companies mission is to bring natural botanicals and their healing properties into peoples lives.  
New chapter is committed to environmental integrity and human health, valuing organic whole foods and supplements. They source products from sustainable sources and ensure that products have been created responsibly at every step.

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New Chapter makes dietary supplements adjusted to your needs. No matter to which group of age or sex you belong, you will find a supplement tailor-made for your body's needs. What is more, their products are easy to use, helping you to be consistent with taking your supplements. Take a look at the New Chapter vitamins and minerals in our online shop.

The One Daily line for both men and women is a comfortable solution for people leading an active style of life. If you tend to forget about your supplement taking schedule, the One Daily line will literally save your day! This one daily tablet is packed with vitamins, minerals & superfood botanical blends. It will help you to maintain your daily wellness and vitality. Fermented turmeric or fermented maca tabs will boost your immune system to deal with everyday dangers for our health and well-being. The New Chapter created also special lines for those who need more energy, for those who need some soothing stress support and a complex of vitamins for pregnant women.

While shopping vitamins have a look at the New Chapter products. They provide supplements for the entire families: supplements for kids, supplements for young women, supplements for young men, supplements for adults, supplements for mature women, supplements for mature men, and supplements for seniors. Some people simply need more of particular nutrients than the general population does. Kids and mature adults tend to need a bit extra, as well as pregnant women do. A healthy lifestyle and a proper diet will help you to face your daily task and additional supplementation will give you a boost to deal with everyday struggles, such as stress, allergies and infections, air pollution, or toxins.

Shop vitamins, minerals, and complexes of supplements form the New Chapter in our online store. Find an array of solutions that will help you to lead a healthier and less stressful life. The New Chapter supplements are easily digestible: they are gentle enough to take any time—even on an empty stomach. Nourish your body and support immune, heart, energy, eye, brain, and digestion support.