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Organic Ceremonial Matcha 30g tin - Aiya

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Organic Ceremonial Matcha 30g tin - Aiya


Matcha is a powdered form of green tea containing all the health properties of the whole leaf and more. Match contains 10-15 times more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than brewed green tea. Matcha is also rich in theanine an amino acid which reduces mental and physical stress and increases feelings of relaxation and balanced energy.

Matcha makes a truly delicious beverage, its bright green color is pleasing to the eye and its fresh taste awakens the senses.

To use simply add matcha to hot water and mix or add to smoothies, ice cream or other deserts.

Formerly sold under the Muzi Tea brand, Aiya has brought back this wonderful tea.

USDA organic certified -- with Internationally certified organic methods of manufacturing and packing this matca brings you a level of quality that is rare even in the Japanese green tea market!

30g tin (1.6 oz)


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