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Organic Sprouted Almonds, 7 oz - Sky Island Organics

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Organic Sprouted Almonds, 7 oz - Sky Island Organics

Sky Island Organics starts with California-grown nonpareil almonds, the largest and sweetest of almond varieties. They soak and sprout them to bring out their natural sweetness and they are dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. 



These nuts are lighter and crunchier than your average almond, with a delicate texture and rich almond flavor. Enjoy straight out of the bag or toss on a salad. These almonds mix well with sweet dried fruits, especially mulberries and goji berries. Try stuffing an almond into a date and wrapping both in a collard green. The bitterness of the green balances the sweetness of the date and blends perfectly with the healthy fats of the almond.

These almonds are sourced from California’s Organic Harvest in Madera, California.

Raw, living, and organic

Handcrafted in small batches

Soaked and sprouted—easier to digest




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