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Raw Vita Chocolate 1 oz

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Raw Vita Chocolate 1 oz

Unprocessed, non-alkalized raw organic chocolate with rice bran, mesquite, chicory, ginger and other superfoods to form this nutrient packed chocolate. 



Vita-Chocolate is a delicious deep, dark satiating chocolate containing a full 1 gm of Vita Power vitamins, a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamin C complexes. Also contains 3 gm of brown rice high protein and 1.25 gm of rice bran for fiber, B vitamins, and minerals.  Finally, 1 gm of mesquite and chicory are added as prebiotic helpers to support the flora of our intestinal tract.

Unprocessed, non-alkalized chocolate heated only to 98 degrees F to preserve antioxidant activity and nutrient value.  Dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and free of pesticides. With organic ingredients.

Unprocessed, non-alkalized organic raw chocolate with Macs and other nutritional herbs.

Foundational Nutrition Based on Original Formulation.



Unsweetened chocolate, evaporated cane juice, rice protein, rice bran, mesquite, chicory, alfalfa juice ext., apple fiber, ginger, kelp, including cocoa butter, soy lecithin, stevia, pure vanilla, and natural coconut-blueberry flavoring.

Includes: Vitamin C (Ca & Mg ascorbates) Vitamin E succinate 300 IU Acai 4:1 extract Vitamin B1 CoQ10 99% fermentation grade Mangosteen 4:1 extract Vitamin B2 Alpha-lipoic acid: 99+% Ginkgo biloba 24/6 extract Vitamin B3 Grape seed extract 95% OPC Siberian ginseng 20:1 extract Vitamin B5 Acerola 17-25% Quercetin 98% Vitamin B6 Turmeric 95% curcumins Dunaliella salina 15,000 IU Vitamin B9 Schizandra 10:1 extract Astaxanthin Vitamin B12 Amla 5:1 extract Trace mineral complex Biotin Goji 5:1 extract Fulvic acid Choline Hawthorn 5:1 extract Green tea 98+% polyphenols Inositol Bilberry complex 25% + 5:1 ext. Bromelain 2,000 GDU Vitamin D3 Lemon-lime bioflavonoids

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