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Lacking Energy? Try Herbal Tonics

Herbal Tonics are a form of preventative medicine. Tonics are a class of herbs that strengthen the body by supporting its natural defences and promoting stamina. Nourishing and health building, Herbal Tonics build wellness over time and promote your most vibrant state of being.

Based on the idea of building health and not just curing illness and disease, Herbal Tonics support overall well-being and vitality, while encouraging healthy aging. According to Medicinal Herbalists, the bitter taste of Tonics stimulate enzyme production by the liver. Enzymes assist us with absorbing food and offer us more nutrients to help us fight infection.

There are many different types of herbal tonics on the market today. Tonics promoting energy, immunity, and joy are among those you may come across.

Energy Tonics often consist of a blend of the most commonly used adaptogenic herbs to protect your body from the draining effects of stress. Benefits include:

  • Boost energy
  • Support athletic performance
  • Push back fatigue
  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Help maintain emotional balance while under stress

Immunity Tonics are a blend of immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms.  They help to restore your immune system to a healthy, balanced state. Daily use will help build and maintain radiant health. Benefits include:

  • Promote overall wellness
  • Prime immune function
  • Support a healthy, balanced allergic response
  • Tone & build Chi
  • Support body’s natural defences
Source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Joy Tonics are a combination of aromatic herbs and flowers that help you through life with fluency and ease. Joy Tonics minimise tension in our nervous system, internal organs, and blood vessels. Benefits include:

  • Promote joyful spirit
  • Enliven the heart
  • Lessen occasional sleeplessness
  • Relieve occasional stress
  • Ease tension in the body
  • Calm during times of grief, transition, loss

Adding a drop of Joy Tonic into sparkling water will help to volatilize the aromatics in the blend, and dilute the taste of the alcohol.

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The Healthy Living Series March Event: Tonic Herbs and Alchemy

On Friday, March 13 between 6pm – 8pm founder of Sun Potion, Scott Linde, will be presenting a two hour workshop: an Introduction to Tonic Herbs and Alchemy, at our Palm Springs facility as part of The Healthy Living Series.

Scott will share his approach to Tonic Herbalism, as well as simple ways and recipes to incorporate these Transformational Foods into daily life.

Scott has a love for plants, education and the transformational experience of Tonic Herbalism. Scott grew up eating a Standard American Diet. Moving to California ten years ago, he was introduced to a variety of conscious food alternatives. Learning from these and his love for Daoist Healing Arts and Herbalism, he eventually started a Tonic Herb and Superfood and Tonic Herb company in Santa Barbara, CA.

Today, Sun Potion is available in Natural Food Markets, Holistic Spas and Health Conscious Restaurants and Cafes throughout Southern California and the United States.

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Everyone is welcome and all events in the series are free.

We hope to see you there.
For more information on upcoming events Visit and subscribe to our blog. The Healthy Living fall – winter series will feature lectures by doctors and wellness practitioners, cooking classesdemos and film screenings. Events take place at:

Zebra Organics / Sky Island Organics

870 E Research Drive, Unit 6
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