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About Zebra Organics

About Us

At Zebra Organics we offer high quality products and gourmet foods that are from sources and companies that take pride in their ethics, processes, and results. We personally use the goods we sell and have hand picked them, over time, resulting in highly curated products that our customers can trust. These standards of integrity also apply to our own gourmet line of Zebra Organics brand products.

We are always happy to answer the phone and take delight in providing great customer service, whether it's helping you place an order or providing solutions and answers to your healthy living questions and needs.

If you're in California, stop in and see us. We host seasonal workshops and classes that are free to attend and everyone is welcome. Our Palm Springs facility includes a wellness and teaching center, show room, manufacturing kitchens, packaging facility, and warehouse.

Overall, our purpose is to maintain a positive impact on society and the environment through the education and preservation of the quality of life.

Founded in 2007, Zebra Organics is a B-Corporation which commits to creating a material positive impact on society and the environment, and to meet higher standards of accountability and transparency.


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Organizations We Support

Zebra Organics supports a diverse collection of organizations and their programs. In fact, our team members volunteer with these various groups.

We work with organizations we believe in and that inspire us. These groups are doing work that positively impacts our world. We feel the authentic desire to touch lives and improve human harmony and quality of life, and the organizations we've chosen to support do so. We give to these organizations not just because we feel that it's the right thing to do but also because we're part of the community. We feel we have an ethical responsibility to give back. That is why we became a B Corporation, as the structure supports what we believe in, how we feel business should operate.

When we learned, for example, that school children were unable to attend a wilderness field trip because the school district had run out of funds to pay for the bus to get them to the otherwise free nature program, we stepped in to pay for the bus. It didn't cost us much to make this life changing experience possible for these children. Now we give an annual donation to The Wildlands Conservancy to pay for several bus trips each year. We sharing this story in the hopes that it will inspire you or your company to give back or to get involved to make a difference in your community. We've found that it doesn't take much to make a big difference.

Find your own inspiration and see how you can get involved by reaching out to a non-profit that you connect with in your area. We'd be pleased to introduce you to the programs in which we participate at Zebra Organics. We're happy to help you get involved.

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We're honored to be invited to present at this year's Cultured Food Festival. Come experience the tastes for yourself as we pair our specially cured foods at this delightful event.

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