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Looking for a vegan butter substitute? In our shop, you can buy delicious alternatives to the traditional butter! In our vegan organic butter ingredient list, you will never find sugars, nor any kind of fillers (such as starch, stabilizers, additives, hydrogenated oils, or artificial preservatives.

Is there anything better than a creamy, buttery spread on your bread? All kinds of vegan butter are great alternatives for those who cannot consume traditional butter that contains lactose. Besides, using different types of butter gives you more opportunities to create delicious and jaw-dropping flavor compositions!

Organic vegan spreads are healthy and convenient. They transform every meal into a flavorful treat! Organic vegan butter contains many valuable ingredients. It is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese.  It is also an amazing source of minerals such as zinc, iron, or copper. If you are lacking proteins and vitamin K in your diet, natural butter is a perfect choice for you. It will also provide you with a rich source of omega-6 EFA and omega-9 oils.

The rich oil that your butter spread contains usually separates from the butter. It is a natural process and it is typical for organic butter so make sure to stir the nutritious oil before use. 

All kinds of vegan butter are extremely versatile for baking, cooking, or eating raw. They help the food to keep the moisture and emphasize the natural flavor of each meal. Pumpkin seed butter, as well as peanut butter, taste awesome on toasts, in soups, sauces, cookies, with ice creams, or in cakes. For those who choose to eat clean, they are a wonderful addition to raw vegan breakfasts. If you want to make your own granola bars or rawnola balls, organic peanut butter is a perfect component to combine all the ingredients together.

In order to make proper use of all its beneficial properties, never heat up your butter above the maximum temperature of 212°F/100°C. You should also remember to refrigerate your butter after opening it.