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Coffee & Tea

Are you a coffee lover? Or do you prefer tea of all kinds? Choose from the best quality teas and coffees, buy tea infusers, matcha gift sets, or yerba mate vessels and straws. On you can quickly order your favorite blends and tastes - for yourself, for your family, friends and as a gift. Have a look at our offer.

What is your favorite tea taste? Is it mint, herbal, green tea? Or maybe a simple black tea blend? In our shop, you can choose from a variety of tastes: huckleberry rooibos, English breakfast, chamomile, rose, cinnamon, passion fruit, safflower, tropical, marigold, and many, many others!

Most tea selections that you can find in the market are blended, which means that they use various batches of tea mixed together in a certain proportion. It gives a particular taste effect. This proportion tends to be adjusted every year - according to the quality of the different batches each year.

Except for different kinds of blends, in our shop, you will find also single-origin teas. A single origin means that the tea comes from one certain region. It is very often used as the opposite concept of the blend. Origin is an important label as the place usually becomes the indicator of a certain standard. The single-origin label applies also to coffee. On tea and coffee packages you can also find terms such as "single harvest" (from a single season), or "single batch" (from one batch of loose tea leaves or coffee beans going through the complete cycle in production processing). No doubt, labeling tea and coffee is a big trend - just like in the case of wine and expensive alcohol!

If you have a friend who loves matcha, we've got something special you could give him! A ceremonial matcha gift set is a perfect choice for all of those who appreciate all the benefits of matcha. If you prefer yerba mate, we've also got you covered - choose from our best organic yerba mate loose leaf blends as well as from yerba mate accessories: bombilla stainless steel straw, bombilla bamboo cane tea straw, or mate tea vessel.