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A movie night? A quick snack craving? Friends coming over? crackers are the answer to all of those questions! Buy our organic and vegan crackers that turn guilty pleasure into a healthy delicious snack! Try out Bear Bar organic original crackers - made of six ingredients only, savory and delicious!

Crackers are perfect for keeping them in your pantry for unexpected occasions - whether it comes to entertain your guests or simply to satisfy your snack cravings. Although crackers are usually are considered as an unhealthy choice of food, you can still eat clean if you choose wisely. Crackers are a simple snack that can be prepared from very simple organic ingredients. Vegan, no GMO, gluten-free crackers are available in our shop. Tasty, made of only six simple ingredients, savory organic sprouted crackers from Bear Bar are all you need to have a quick healthy snack. Have you tried them out?

Crackers are a safe choice for vegans. They taste awesome with any type of organic raw spreads, such as unrefined coconut oil, raw peanut butter or pumpkin seed butter, which you will also find in our shop. 

For all lazy ones, crackers are the best solution to make a cake without baking! No-bake layered cake with crackers is so simple to make and so delicious! There are even more ways you can use crackers in your kitchen. Crackers are a fantastic ingredient - they can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. A golden crumb topping for your smashed potatoes? Or maybe for a sweet dessert? Salty crackers work in both cases. Tart crust? Meat coating? Mac and cheese? Ice cream topping? Just take the crackers out of your pantry - they literally work with anything! So - how are you going to use crackers next time in your kitchen?