Positive Health Benefits of Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract

                                  Fucoxanthin – Brown Seaweed Extract

Interest in the
compound Fucoxanthin has sky rocketed thanks to Dr. Oz. This leads me to want to share a bit more about this amazing substance. Fucoxanthin is a seaweed compound and we are big proponents of consuming
seaweed, a natural wild vegetable from the ocean. One reason we like
wild foods is because they offer a richer and wider nutritional content
than farmed foods.

Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract is Rich in Nutrients
Modifilan Brown Seaweed contain an array of complex nutrients and
minerals not found nowhere else. Particularly interesting are the
polysaccaride compounds and antioxidants in brown seaweed. Dr. Oz show has promoted a report which demonstrates the promise of the
antioxidant, fucoxanthin.  Fucoxanthin is a caroteniod compound found in Modifilan Brown Seaweed

Cellular Metabolism: Fucoxanthin – The “Fat Burning” Component
While simple Brown Seaweed contains fucoxanthin, this substance it is not present in high enough quantities
to make a difference. Researchers recommend using it in supplement form
where Fucoxanthi is concentrated to levels that make it
useful as a fat burner. This amazing substance increases cellular
metabolism even while the body is inactive. This in turn also helps to
normalize cholesterol levels in the body. Taking Modifilan Brown
Seaweed extract in addition to a healthy diet can help you get over the
hump and headed to the proper weight and cholesterol level for your

One of the main actions of Fucoxanthin is to increase the synthesis of a
key protein involved in fat metabolism. This then helps the body burn
extra fat.

Heavy Metal Cleansing
In a previous blog post I
talked about the ability of seaweed to cleanse heavy metals from the
body.  Modifilan being a concentrated supplement greatly assists in the
removal of heavy metals from the body.  Our environmental conditions
today means that we are exposed to heavy metals, of these metals mercury
is common contaminant we must deal with.  In studies researchers have
found that Modifilan binds to and removes this toxic heavy metal from
the body without incident.

Brown Seaweed Extract the Heart and More Research
Researchers have also found that Brown Seaweed extract is useful for the heart, it is cardio protective.
And it has certain anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the gastro
intestinal tract. As well as protecting the thyroid gland and causing
certain types of cancer cells to self destruct.

Final Thoughts
with its belly fat burning properties, Brown Seaweed extract has a
many positive health benefits. Whether using it for weight loss or to
cleanse the body this is a powerful supplement that will help you on
your path toward total body well being.