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The Magical Mulberry

The popular nursery rhyme has made them famous but have you ever eaten a mullberry?

Well now you can get a taste of what kids have been singing about for over 150 years.  Mullberry fruits are slightly chewy, they have a sweet, mild flavor with a sort of malty fruity taste. Their unique taste  must be tried to be fully understood. 

Besides their exquisite taste mullberries add comparable amounts of iron, calcium and vitamin c to the diet. Mullberries are also a good source for reservatrol and anthocyanadins. Reservatrol is a compound most noted for supporting healthy heart function and the anthocyanadins in mulberry fruits are anti-inflammatory. 

Back to my original question, “Have you ever eaten a mullberry?”  Now is the time.

What the Heck are Goldenberries . . . ?

Besides being tart, sweet and loaded with bioflavonoids goldenberries are a lot of fun to eat.  Goldenberries also known as Incan berries are sourced from Peru. Where they were and are still enjoyed by the native population. Goldenberries are a close relative of the tomatillo and is known as Cape Gooseberry. The goldenberry is not a true gooseberry though, it is a member of the Solanceae family which includes ashwaganda and goji berries.

What are bioflavonoids you might be wondering . . They  are co-factors to Vitamin C. they help the body to absorb and utilize vitamin C. They also have their own health benefits to impart which include strengthening capillaries, improving eyesight and enhancing the function of connective tissue. They nurture the skin and support the body during allergy season, as they naturally inhibit histamine.

Dr. Oz
Goldenberries are also high in protein which is uncommon for berries, 16% protein by weight.  They are also rich in phosphorus and Vitamin A.  They are also rich in B complex vitamins and according to Dr Oz, eating a 1/4 cup of goldenberries each day will improve your waistline.  Dr. Oz calls it a belly fat blaster, we agree with Dr. Oz and his recommendation to consume golden berries. And, we want to ensure our customers know that we believe in taking a multi pronged approach to losing weight will give you the best results. We are grateful to Dr. Oz for bringing awareness to this wonderful food. When you visit our store consider stocking up on goldenberries, greenfoods and a healthy protein based meal replacement to aid your weight goals.  

Enjoy our heirloom Goldenberries by Essential Living Foods they are raw, organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free and flavor packed. Our new crop for 2012 is fresh, plump and delicious. 


This piece was written and compiled for Zebra Organics by Mark D’Aquila, flower essence practitioner, www.mediflower.com.