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New Wave Enviro Shower Filter

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New Wave Enviro Shower Filter




The New Wave Enviro Shower Filter offers a patented mixture of zinc and copper called KDF-55, plus crystal quartz, converts chlorine into zinc chloride. Zinc is considered to be helpful in alleviating dandruff and is used in anti-dandruff shampoos.

Unlike carbon, KDF stands up to hot water and is very effective in filtering out chlorine, odors and dirt particles. KDF possesses strong bacteriostatic character, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungus, algae and mildew. The Premium Shower Filter contains 16 oz. of KDF and 2 oz. of crystal Quartz for enhanced performance and natural water softening

Benefits of the New Wave Enviro Shower Filter:
Removes unpleasant and unhealthy Chlorine odors from body and hair; Healthier, softer feeling skin & less-brittle hair

Easy to change replacement filter cartridge

Each cartridge lasts for 1 year of average use

Easy to Use:
Screws on between pipe and your shower head - No Plumbing Required.


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